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Going overboard!!

Hi all, well i have done way too much today and now i am suffering the consequences! It is now approximately 1 am and i am wideawake and in agony; ankles,hips and across my shoulders the worst! I have been to work,went shopping,did some gardening which included trimming the hedge! then did housework top to bottom and also cooked the evening meal, fed the dogs, the cats and cleaned out the guinea pigs!Pffffft glad it's my day off tomorrow,i will be doing NOWT!!! Love to all Della xxx

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hi della,your not the only getting livingroom & stairs painted on monday,so iv cleared drawers etc & moved furniture upstairs(its only a back to back house,so theres little room).my son helped but its taken toll on me.i dont think theres a any part of my body that dosnt ache or in pain.iv been up since tues at 6.17am & i didnt go to bed till 3ish tues morn.i keep laying down then just as im dropping off the ache or pain gets worse...shit init...iv just had a new carpet layed in bedroom & had virgin installed.the man has trodden the powdered red brick from drilling all over carpet(i cried cos i bought it from the money my lovely dad left me,he died on the 26march).iv washed it with the carpet washer,i`ll just have to wait & see how it looks when dried.i did try to lightly brush it 1st but red powder is at least 100yr old.i know man didnt mean to do it but i was fuming,he was so apologetic.i feel shattered.i have cats & love them so much & my best friend has iv rambled to you i`ll go & leave you in peace,lots of lv & tender hugs fm me :) xx


hi there! Hope your carpet has come up lovely for you workmen never think do they! i was in agony yesterday especially last night,managed to drift off at about 2 am! Yes your right is really shit at times! i thank god for my animals they are everything to me! You can ramble on as much as you want to me,that's what we are all here for! Anyway Take care Love and hugs to you Della xxx