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just Hello i feel ok

ok so not pain free or sleep purfect but i wanted to say im ok ... I like the sun I am lucky in many ways ( dont throw up in a bucket yet)

Sometimes its really nice to think we with FMS can do well

we remind others even when its not perfect we are a team and teams and familys should celabrate good and bad ... I have bad days i recognise many of the things said here I feel like this is home with people who get me no questioned asked

So I am not preaching I just want to say thank you and maybe im having a soppy moment ( can i blame my fms ??)

gentle dyslexic hugs

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You're so sweet Lexie, I love the way you say it as it is, so bless you! :) :) It's good to hear about good days as well as all the problems we can face with Fibro along the way. I have days where I feel "normal" again, the old me! I can enjoy things the way I used to and this is such a joy because for a couple of years I thought I had lost me along the way! A sunny day, birds singing, a gentle cool breeze, a blue sky, are all things I enjoy again, I had lost sight of all these things before I was diagnosed just over three years ago. I felt like a guinea pig always being given different medications every time I saw my Rheumatologist. However when the balance of the medications was right, my quality of life started to pick up, along with my zest for life. It is possible to live a good, happy life with Fibro, we just have to tweak things a bit sometimes and try to adjust. It is possible though, it really is! :) :)

Lexie it is perfectly fine to feel soppy, and also lovely to read! :) :)


Hi there Lexie,what a lovely blog! it's nice to read the good stuff too! The sunshine at the moment is just wonderful wish it was like this all the time! This community is just magic and really uplifts even on the most difficult of days,so glad i found you all! Love and hugs Della xxx


thank you my friends x gentle dyslexic hugs


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