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bad taste bad smell

hi all havent been on for a while after getting diagnosed with spinal stenosis and degenerative arthritis of the spine of the spin 12 months ago waited for allll the atos people and other doctors i got awared pip i thought maybe life will be a bit better now not having to worrie abut paying bills and stuff thought i was dealing with the pain and all the different medication then i was hit it a bad bout of depression not being able to work or help around the home thankfully my wife was there to love and support me and wth her and my gp i got sorted then i had a very good frend of mine die all of a sudden it affected me hard i was coming to terms with that when i had the devastating news that my newphew had commited suicide that rocked me hard as i was very close to him once again my wife friends and gp were there i sorry for the long post what i wanted to ask was if anybody could give me any advice on my new problem just before xmas i had flue as a lot of people did i got over that after about 8 or 9 days but still had bunged up nose my question is ive still got the bunged up nose now carnt get rid of it my pharmacist put me of a course of decongestants didnt work ive tried the nettle pit didnt work tried sea salt didtn work ive tried everything with n luck a friend of mine said he had the same thing and was told to try somethng called nux vomica 30c and it worked for hm ive never herd of this has anybody tied this or dose anyboy have any advce they could please share with me iam at my wits end with this

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Hi You have certainly had a run of bad luck. Lets hope this year will be better for you in every way. I am afraid I have not heard of that medicine I was in similar position and happenened across a in haler decongestant that did the trick .

I guess it is trial and error so saying I wish you lots of luck and hopefully som one else can give you an answer



Oh you poor love, so very sorry for your loss.

You've had a really bad time of it!

I had a similar problem, I used a simple nasal spray called beconase, i found it quite effective, it unblocked sinuses and protected the lining, ask your GP for a prescription


Nux Vomica is a homeopathic remedy, you can buy it in some Chemists, I'm sure Boots' stock it, and I've seen it in health food shops, my local Holland and Barratt have it.


So sorry for your losses & your recent new diagnosis, you are fortunate to have a loving wife & supportive GP to help you through your difficult times, I've never heard of nux vomica, but see Lima6MCT says it is a herbal thing, I'm not so sure of those things but what I use & find good is menthol crystals in bowl of boiling water towel over head & bowl & inhale it clears up bunged up feeling & helps you get rid of any residual phlem, best of luck, take care gentle healing hugs x


Sorry for your loss hope this year will be much better for you take care


I am so sorry for your losses! I really hope you have better times ahead.

I have a problem with blocked sinuses a lot - I use a nasel decongestant spray from the chemist. It helps short term but I have to use it regularly.

I hope u find something that helps!

Gentle hugs

Becky x x


Do hope things get better for you. I'm prescribed Beconase but can't use it much as it makes my nose bleed - i use it about 3 days a month - in between I use a nasal spray I buy from my local health shop called Rhinodoron. I use that 2 or 3 sprays in each nostril 3 or 4 times a day, it is helpful.

Wishing you better and happier times,

Mim x


I am so genuinely sorry to read of all of all of the bad times that you have endured, and I sincerely hope that things take a positive turn for you. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

Good luck



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