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I went this morning to the tribunal at our local courts, it was quite intimidating and a complete waste of time! Was turned down although I wasn't suprised, I think I would have been shocked if I got it after reading many posts from others on here.

I know I work and have to get on with life but because of the fact I can walk and go to the toilet etc in the night on my own thats it!! They do not consider how much pain and suffering and energy everything takes. I no there are people that obviously can't do these things at all and I do feel extremely sorry for them but I do feel quite fed up as I really feel I need to cut down another day from work as I'm struggling and just thought that this may help a little!!

Sorry for whinging on but just need somebody to talk to about it!


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Hi Sharon,

really sorry to hear your outcome today, it's really quite frightning haveing to go to tribunal,and yes very intimidateing, they are makeing it very very hard for people like us these days, it's so frustrateing when every day is very hard to get through, and such a struggle in one way or another,what with all what FM throws at us,

Big hugs xxxx


Dear Sharon,

It's a complete sham, you've literally got to be at death's door, look like your knocking on it and begging to be let in! My hat comes off to you for the fact that you can even manage to work at all. I'm so sorry that you basically weren't listened to. I think they are being told that they've got to be really harsh.

I've just got a letter through to ask if I can attend Saturday's - no point now, as i've had my 365 days of esa and i'm not entitled to any more (husband earns too much!!) I hate it when they bring your spouse or partner into it - i'm an individual and should be treated as such. I've worked all my adult life and paid into the pot, but I'm only allowed 1 years' paltry pay for something I didn't ask to have.

There it is - my moan for the day! Don't feel bad about having a whinge, that's what everyone of us fibros needs to do every now and again. It was good to read about someone who's been to a tribunal.

I don't know what the answer is, but it's not good enough. You should be supported for working with this illness.

Love and hugs to you Sharon, from Kimbell x


i dont like to wish bad on anyone - but i do think the rule - makers should have a day of fibro forced upon them!! Grrr. makes myblood are totally justified in having a whinge!!

take care xx


Sorry to hear you were refused Sharon, its the pits isn't it.

I agree with you Kimbel, I think you should be treated on your own merit and for what you have put into the pot and not lumped with your husband because he works. Would it have been the same if you had been transferred t the Support group? My benefit on the WRAG group would have been stopped after 1 year but I have now been moved into the support group so it carries on until I have another medical and then it is anyones guess!!.

I dont blame anyone who winges about the system cos it is naff. Take care, Angela xx


Thanks for all your replies, means a lot to be able to talk about things with people that understand.

I'm going to put in a new claim in a couple of weeks, prob won't get anywhere but you never know!

Kim why don't you do what Angela has done and go the support group, you never no!

I have thought and said some very strong naughty words today which made us giggle bit childish really but funny!!!

Sharon xx


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