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Pain following tooth extraction. How long roughly will pain persist?

Hi, I had a back tooth removed ten days ago and just wandered how long or is it normal to still be having a great deal of pain. facial spasms which I get anyway, swelling in face and neck and pain when swallowing. Dentist said it's not related to infection so must be my Fibro. Had this before after an extraction but not as bad as now. Had to get stronger meds but still feel pain 24/7. Cold compresses ease pain slightly to. Any advice would be grateful.

thanks, fybrocurse.

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It could be taking its time due to fybro back again and again if pain does take time careful of how many pain killers u take.


thanks for your reply, turned out to be in infection of the saliva gland. It's strange how your fibro pain doesn't appear till a few days later than from initial trauma.

thanks again.x


I have had a lot of dental probs this year and did have one tooth removed, mine did have an infection though and I had to have several lots of antibiotics to get rid of it, silly thing was mine did not hurt. Have they xrayed etc to make sure? i also had a sinus infection which has oleft me with pain in cheekbone and Dr thinks it is the joint in my jaw that is hurting, so it may be you have that to as I think fibro can affect the jaw. I find a heat pack helps me. Hope you feel better soon xx


thanks for replying, I haven't been on internet for a few days as my pain only got worse and my face really swelled up, but Doctors now think Iv'e had an infection in the saliva glands. Feeling alot better after prescribed strong antibiotic. Can't say if it was down to dental work but can also be caused by low immune systems.

Like yourself I had years of what the doctors thought were sinus infections but after eventually being seen by ENT they found no problems with my sinuses and put it down to Fibromyalgia. I now use nasel sprays and somekind of antihistamines. I often get relief from cold compress,s.

Thanks again for your feed back. great knowing there's support from others as there doesn't seem to be any fibr consultants. x


Fybrocurse, it might be worth telephoning your dentist to ask if you should still have toothache ten days after an extraction. Explain that you have Fibromyalgia and see if they recommend going to your Doctor for antibiotics.

I hope you feel more comfortable really soon, take care. :)


thanks for your reply. I had gone back to dentist and she checked my teeth and gums again but there was no pain. This fibro makes you feel mad at times. Turned out to be an infection of the saliva gland and feeling alot better now.

thanks again. x


So pleased to hear you're feeling better now! Take care Fybrocurse! :)


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