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level access shower and stair lift

have any of you had the above fitted.. I had my home assessment done yesterday and the occupational therapist who carried it out is putting me forward for the above . he said they do a financial assessment and If you qualify then the above would be fitted.

have any of you had this done who can give me more information on the process.

many thanks

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thanks for that bluebell. I also own my home and I live alone so I will have to see what happens. I cant take a loan as I had to give up work 2 years ago due to ill health.


Get a stair lift anyway?


good new I will to get wetroom and stannah stairlift and i dont have to pay it and adult social care/council will pay for the maintenance for it


Brilliant. A good solution for you. :)


Hi bbstport

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as well as you possibly can be today? I have all of these in my house but I paid for it all. The stair-lift was from Stannah, and because it was paid for privately there is an extra contract fee for servicing and repairs. If you get a grant this should be included in the cost, but ask beforehand?

If you do not get a grant and decide to go privately, you can get a 'straight reconditioned stair-lift from around £800 to £900. Do not forget to discuss a servicing / repair contract with them.

The bathroom wasn't that expensive really, but make sure you get some strategically placed grab rails around the room. They may come in handy?

Good luck with getting this sorted and please keep us all up to date with how it goes.

Take care



thanks fr your advice ken and I hope you too are feeling well




i had one fitted, by council. It took a while to get to the top of the list but quicker than trying to save for it. The wet room had a very efficient surround and actually less water spillage than in a standard shower with curtain. it took several days to do so if your only bathroom can be a problem, we had to use our next door neighbour's bathroom. It has been a transformation, had fallen getting out of the bath several times and feeling safer while batheing priceless.


thank you for your reply


well done for getting OT approval - i was told that until i couldn't walk at all they could not approve building a new bathroom downstairs. I was falling all the time upstairs but because i was still able to get to the bathroom via stairlift (previously provided by council) and walking frame they could not put me forward as their hands were tied even though they could see i was not safe. So we brought the house got an architect to make plans, then OT came and approved the work and i got grant of £30k from council towards costs. If you have work done like this you can get reduction or all of council tax paid.



they have only put forward for stair lift and level access shower not a downstairs bathroom an d I will just e to wait for them now .

god for you anyway with your grant


Hi. Yes they do a financial assessment for a disabled facilities grant. To see if you need to contribute towards the equipment unfortunately it is not free. The disabled facilities grant can take up to 18 months here in Lincolnshire (I'm a social for Lincoln/Gainsborough) if you haven't heard anything someone will be monitoring your case so give the OT a call for an update. Has he advised on other equipment? Good luck xxxx


thanks for that emjane. I already have a lot of other things like grab rails to front and rear of house - I have a rail that leads up my 3 steps at front - I have 2 perching stools, bath board, bath seat, commode, rail on my bed, bed cradle etc I also have had care call installed several months ago as I do have falls as well. xx

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Bbstport. How are you getting on with this ? I hope your ok ? You'd meet substantial criteria in lincolnshire xx


i have a lady coming from the council to do an assessment and financial assesment next week. I also have my bunion surgery on Thursday of this week and I am now getting a bit anxious about that.

hope you are all keeping well

Belinda xxx


well all I have approval for stairlift and wet room upstairs financial assessment done and i will not have to ay anything. they have now put the work out to tender - I have stannah coming on Tuesday next week and I have ha someone from the council to fully measure to put it out for a quote. he said that it will l b completed within 2 - 3 months so really happy about this. thank you all for your comments. Belinda x


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