Hi everyone it is the day the Gardener arrives for Ist visit

unfortunately I have really nasty pain in back and it is running around to my tummy. Nasty!

So my posture today is scrunched -you know what I mean - shoulders up - back arched and as I sit here I am slightly swaying. Not a good sight to meet someone. Wizzard old crone look aaahhh lips curl ( thank goodness I havent got a beak for a nose).

I have physio app today for her to look at my back probs. Not a good day but hey might as well go along for the laugh.. More core strengthening I expect. I will let you know how it goes later. xgins

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  • Hope you get some relief soon and the physio can help somewhat..... Please don't swap your bandaged legs for lilac stockings on your legs I always wondered why lady Chatterly chose such a weird colour .....

    Yours having watched lady chatterlys lover .....

    Yours green all over with envy...

    Vg x

  • How come you managed to remember the colour of Lady h stockings I cannot I remember the daisys all plaited together and worn like garlands...................

    Have a good say:)


  • Those stocking ruined the garden delights and have stuck in my mind ... Like a thistle poking out of a beautiful lawn..... I may well be traumatised for life by the memory of those vile stockings..... Rushes out to buy weekly shop and lilac stockings

    I now have visions of the delivery man bringing the shopping wearing lilac stockings.... Perhaps I had better go back to bed and get up again...

    VG :(

  • I can only remember Mellors the gamekeeper - he was into gardening - especially Lady Chatterly's delphiniums . Apparently he was a whizz with a dibber. :)

    Yours obscenely,

    Moffy x

  • What's a dibber ...... Yours

    Frantically leafing through gardening catalogues

    VG x

  • It's a long pokey thing that you use for dibbing :)

  • dibber. a small hand tool used to make holes in the ground for planting or transplanting bulbs, seeds, or roots. (cut and pasted from dictionary)

    Does that put you out of your misery? :D

  • Small hand tool does not equate with long pokey thing

    VG the misled :(

  • come come my friends it is used to make holes ! Anyway the hour approaches shall we lay bets on old and borring or young for his age and pleasent. What odds will you give xgins LC understudy

  • Holes in what???? I am thinking he will be a fit 20 something in a right fitting shirt and a perfect smile and muscles that ripple as he uses the lawn mower .... Goes to lie down .....

  • Rushes to the garage to hunt for long pokey thing ..... I may be sometime everything is very tidy and clean in here since my oh carpeted the garage ... Don't ask.... Good job we don't have a car......

    I plan to spend tomorrow dibbing .....

    VG the over excited

  • Off to Gins's house to look at the fit young gardener - I'm going to have a Diet Coke moment! :P

    Moffy x

  • How did you get all the strings attached to your body.... Is someone standing on the garage roof manipulating your movements..... Or am I thinking of an old diet coke advert.... Put I am sure they were puppets.... Aha that explains your immaculate appearance all the time .. You are a wooden lacquered puppet.

    Yours peering over the fence for a good look

    Vg x

  • Shame on you Moffy ;-) Diet Coke the dangerous thing !!!! Hands Moffy some elderflower cordial :-)

    Foggy x

  • I think you may need cooling off throws a bucket of cold water over vg :) feel better now?

  • Shivers ..... :(

    Tth. Thth thanks gins

    Vg with chattering teeth

  • Oooooooooww a water fight, such fun............. Shame it's winter though :D :D

    Foggy x

  • I wondered why you were wearing oilskins a sou'wester and fishermans waders foggy ... You have come prepared for the water fight .... Or you have a strange clothing combination on today by mistake :)

  • Dibbers, now your speaking my language, I think I must have been born with one strapped to my wrist as I remember being sent to the walled garden every year to prepare for the planting of leeks in particular where the dibber was essential......ah memories, and all with no pain ! Thank goodness now I just have flowers and a trowel suffices.

    My bets would be on a small, gnome typeeee, with a constant tan, whether it be through rust or sun/wind burn. Tough as nails though and very hard working :D

    Foggy the realistic .....hehehe x

  • He arrive very punctual pretty boring but pleasant enough :)

  • Is he small gnome thingy tho gins...... ? You know they are everywhere since getting into Chelsea this year. Hehehe

    Foggy x

  • Gnomes are so on trend right now .... I never leave home without one :)

  • You could never say that you haven't a gnome to go to! :D

  • I have strange clothing days every day....... no mistaking that ;-) but being in Devon the sou'wester is obligatory and living but yards from a river waders are always at the ready.....:D

  • Packs up ornamental dibber and Parisien Sou'wester for fashionable Foggy :)

  • Oh Moffy, thank you, so kind, now I can challenge VG in the style stakes, she things she's on trend, but a Parisienne Sou'wester puts me streets ahead, and just in time for one of our lovely English summers :D :D

    Foggy x

  • Well I looked on the Internet and there is a passionate discussion about lady chatterlys lover as in one film made they left out her stockings..... I am sure that ruined the whole film as the only thing I remember clearly were the ghastly stockings... Perhaps if I had watched the stocking less version although not correct I would have remembered more...

    Yours pondering while wandering about in odd coloured stockings

    VG :-/

  • And you think I have strange clothing ;-) ;-)

  • At least I am on trend .... Points to garden gnome tucked under her arm :P

  • Fires jet of water at gnome under VG's arm, which shatters as in Chelsea ad........then runs for cover :p

  • Gets her army of remote controlled gnomes and sets button to attack and sends them after foggy :x

  • Ah ha....but my ultra high power water jet shatters all known gnomes :p

  • Sets lines of defensive water jets about her personage

  • These are unknown gnomes Ha !!!

    VG the unknown inventor :)

  • And my defensives are highly effective, intuitive and knowledgeable, especially about unknown gnomes - so there !! ;-)

    Foggy the defence expert

  • Drops a gnome on Foggys head ... Aha moffy hauled me up onto the garage roof.... :D

  • Uuurrgghh where am I ? Rubs head, thinks and then goes to find nearest solicitor to sue for damages.....that will teach gnomes to jump on my head, ............sue the lot of them for all the pennies they have !!!

  • I'm not getting involved - I'm sitting in Gnome man's land! :)

    Moffy x

  • Yay, I wanted to add that when my solicitor was finished with them, they wouldnt have a gnome left to go to..........hehehehe

    Foggy x

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