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well i have been very stressed and feel a bit like i am in a hoop i am stressed i feel worse i forget appointments i am more stressed .. also my car has been off rd for 3 weeks now i was lucky in borrowing a car but it was a stressful drive .. been offered more work that we need cose we are worse of now but i am ever hopeful ... sorry not been around much ...yours with gentle dyslexic hugs

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Hi Lexie! Oh dear it sounds like you're having a tough time right now! Don't take on too much work if you can't manage, think of yourself first and how you will cope with more hours. It sounds like you've got more than enough on your plate right now. I hope things ease for you very soon and that you feel better too. It can be stressful at times can't it. Sending you big gentle hugs, always here for you xx :) :) (PM me any time if you feel the need, happy to chat or message any time) :) :)


thank you ... you are so kind to offer personal support ... I am just going to see how i go for 6 weeks and hope we need the money.. I got married last year and i am worse off than ever befor dont quiet understand how one mum singe is better off than 2 working people but them the breaks xx i feel like i have friends on here so i have big smile xxx ( cant do smiles) but can do gentle dyslexic hugs


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