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have let rip!

mm have just had a row with someone been brewing up for a while now doesnt help im in total pain in the elbows but god i feel sooo much better for letting rip at her!!

im not a nasty person but lately im getting sick to death of me me people thats all they think of themselves and what they can get! takes time but when i go i do go was very calm tho

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Hi angied , i think it does you good to let rip as you say , without losing your dignity and im glad you got some things off your chest if it makes you feel better , sometimes emotional baggage can be just very bad for our health . well done x


Angied i could have written that blog,I have been wanting to rip at someone who lives three doors from me tells everyone she is my good friend. have not seen her for four weeks since i came out of hospital. she is very much got everything but has such a selfish streak. maybe i should let rip at her. so your post has made me feel good as all that anger brewing has got to be bad for the fibro. good on you x x x really cheered me up lol


I think that there must be something in the water and were all coming out of our shells lol how can your neighbour call herself your friend Webby , she sounds shocking bless you x


OMG Floozy I think you are right about something in the water!!!!

Hugs x x x x x


Off for a weekend which involves a *lady* (using the term VERY loosely) who is likely to get the sharp end of my tongue this week if she behaves how she did 3 weeks ago when we were last away (dog shows). Frankly this has been brewing a long time and I CAN'T WAIT lol

Will report back ;)

Spirit x x x


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