pip rip off

iv jus come no made to move from dla to pip. on dla my award was for life. but no im on pip same rate as dla iv got it frome 9/11/2016 till 9/11/2020 4 years. then iv got to apply again. why when my condition will never chang. you worse off on pip. and you got to go through it all agin stress and worry. the gov have stuff ues disabled people over again. to lin they pockets.

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  • Still waiting to hear after my assessment 11 days back. I can't understand why they are pursing people whose condition can only get worse.. At the assessment centre there were people you could see had big mental health issues and a young man in a wheelchair with his grandparents who you could also see was badly physically disabled. It is disgusting in my view.x

  • yes it is mine tack around 4 weeks. to find out. but its the time and stress you have to go with. why if you get dla forlive. just put u on pip for life. no need to access you if you got it for life.

  • Mine was an indefinite one so I expected say a letter every once in a while asking if anything had changed and perhaps having to send in a confirmation letter from my GP but at the time these were understood to be permanent unless there was an improvement but for life surely means that.x

  • That is always the same government don't help disabled once you are disabled you are on your own I am disabled wife is my career you still have to fight to get extra help cheer up don't let it get to you

  • I think the whole point of making people re-apply it is to put people off, the people who will be affected most will be the poor sods with the severe mental health issues as they are the ones that will most likely not be able to put up any fight.

    The DWP/Government have intentionally designed it this way,, each pound not claimed is a pound saved to spend on Trident while the disabled languish in poverty.

    It matters not to a government office the devastation they cause, the only thing that matters is the figures!

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • In a civil contract the government would be sued for fundemental breach of contract as the "for life" part being very important and quite specific in intention. We have been lied to and robbed by this government and it is disgusting. How can you plan your life on the pittance you get anyway! In my opinion it is not only illegal but immoral and shameful to.


  • I have a award till 2018 but to be assessed after 28december 2017 my first award was due to end September 2017 I ask why a short award they say because my condition is progressive the need to make sure I get the correct award and the paperwork will not be as intended they will ask if my condition is the same worse or better then decide if I need a face to face but told people are now to get more assessment checks

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