NOT D DAY DLA DAY !!!!!!!!!!!

NOT D DAY DLA DAY !!!!!!!!!!!

Well I have got a man coming from D.I.A.L this morning to help me fill in the forms for DLA he is coming between 9.30 and 10 i a going to be alone but i am fine my parents were going to be here but i said it is ok i will be fine and they are only 5 mins up the road if i do need them to come round

So that is my morning think he could be here about 2 hour s!!!!!!!

love to you all Diddle x

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  • good luck diddle:) hugs for a good day xx

  • glad u getting some help with forms xxx


  • its a good step forward.hugs :-) xx

  • All the very best Diddle x x How did you arrange for them to come to ur house? Didn't know they did that......WoW!!

  • Hi i was meant to go to their offices next week but they called me 2 weeks ago and said he does home visits on a thursday so could he change my appointment to today and come to mine so i didnt request that but they do do home visits i suppose if you ask

    actually it was nicer in a way i was more relaxed in my own environent so jus call and ask love diddle x

  • good luck Diddle, think its best to have the help from the professionells.It certainally helped me with my appeal for DLA in 2005, went from middle to high rate care & for an indefinate period xx

  • Hi diddle,glad to see you are over your horrible virus and we have you back again.

    I had a very nice man come to see me this morning from what is known here in Hastings as H.A.R.C I think this is the same thing as dial and most towns have there own version of it.

    He was here to see if we could get me the care component.Good news is he thinks I should be able to get the middle rate,but if push come to shuve I would be pleased with the lower one.

    If I do get turned down I`ve siggned the papers for what is now the new type of legal aid.But he really does`nt seem to see a problem.

    So good luck with it hun,and that one cute puppy you have there ;-)

    Love and hugs Jayne xxxx

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