am i the only one

hi everyone have just joined this site. the problem i have is sweating on and off day and night. dont have to be doing anything, it happens just sitting watching tv or lieing in bed and if i do do anything it pours off me. it runs down my back face legs arms and it is getting me realy down. bad enough with pain headaches ibs ect. was diagnosed 7yrs ago FM & CFS. it can al so be embarrising and get funny looks when my face is sweating. is it the FM or am i weaired.

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  • Hi I do suffer with excess sweating too especialy around my throat and back of neck and face, but i have been looking into this a little as it gets me down as like you it can get extreme and my clothes can be soaked with sweat. Certain foods are linked with causing excess sweating and weight gain.

    but its worth doing some research as well as seeing your gp as there may be an underlying problem although its worth ruleing this out

    hugs poppy xx

  • hi poppy i will look into it further and i have an app. with Dr on Friday and will ask. i have stoped eating wheat as this didnt help me with ibs and left me bloted and i dont eat alot of dairy either. thanks for your help its so good to know there is others we can talk to soft hugs xx

  • Hi, welcome to the site, I hope you find it as informative and supportive as i have!

    As to your post, I think most of us have or have had the sweating and over-heating. I certainly have.

    I tell people that my thermostat is broken as I'm either cold and shivering or sweltering!! My partner complains that it's like hugging either and iceberg or a radiator!

    Quite often I can be hot and sweating around my body and head and my hands and feet will be like ice....well strange!!!

    But don't worry, you're not alone :)

    take care of you xx

  • thanks for your answer its so good to know i'm not on my own. it realy helps to be able to talk to others who are going through thr same things. gentle hugs xx

  • Temperature dysregulation is a symptom of Fibro - a result of the dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system (which controls everything you don't think about) with Fibro.

  • hi lindsey , it was'nt untill i found this site and read the blogs, questions and answers that fribo was to do with the nervous symptom, i was lead to believe it was muscular and tissues around them. this site is a god send its so good to know i'm not on my own thank you so much. fibro hugs xx

  • I know what you mean, I find it very embarrasing too I think some of it is due to the pills I take and my age grrr just something else to deal with X

  • i do sweat alot as well but statred soo cold then all of a sudden im so hot im burning up just cant control my temp

  • hi sparkie yes it could be to do with the med. we take. am at that age to but had all taken away at 37yrs change at 42. oh well just another thing to keep us happy, lol xx

  • hi angied. just had a thought have one roon hot and one realy cold, mind you with fibre fog i'd go to the wrong room anyway. oh well have to think again. i'm not mad realy lol. xx

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