I suffer with this distressing problem. I HATE it so much, my face and hair get soaked, and I end up dripping over everything, so embarrasing and uncomfortable. I do nothing but moan and complain when it happens. It makes me HATE the summer. The recent heatwave we had, nearly drove me insane !! I have always thought it goes beyong being "normal" sweating.....anyway, I was recently relieved to get a diagnosis from a dermatologist (after my GP referred me) It is called CRANIOFACIAL HYPERHIDROSIS (excessive sweating) Other places people generally get it is, palms of hands, souls of feet or armpits. I am not excessive in those areas, just my head and face. I have been offered tablets, but the side effects can be quite bad. As it happens, I was also offered similar tablets for irritable bladder symptoms (Vesicare) I am hoping they will sort both problems out ?? The dry mouth side effect is severe, it even spreads down my throat, making it hard to swallow at times. I'm still waiting for it to help my problems...early days still.

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  • Hiya Helen I feel for you Hun I was never a great sweater until this year I sweat with my chronic pain and servere fatiuge I drip from face body my hair you would think had been in pool I'm changing my clothes every day I hope you manage to get yours sorted gentle hugs I'm gonna crop my long hair soon as I'm a sufferer of psorisis and my scalp burns with the sweat too stings hoping it helps my head abit shall see KEZA x

  • Poor you Keza, I don't blame you for getting rid of the hair. I have to keep mine really short, as too much hair makes me feel even hotter. Sounds as if you would benefit from getting rid of yours, I hope you do anyway. It is all so frustrating on top of pain and tiredness. Seems like us Fibro people end up with so many other associated problems. The list seems to get longer by the day !! Gentle hugs to you too, and take care hun xx

  • Thanks Helen its so true lol I've booked for hair cut next Wednesday time for the crop short look bought a hair idea book and marked some pages so know what I want as my new style then on the 5th meeting my new gp to discuss my health was so nice to receive ur message gentle hugs KEZA x

  • I was thinking of asking the doctor to refer me until I reached the part about quite bad side effects. I get this summer and winter. I travelled to Plymouth via Surrey and had to change completely when I got there as I was completely drenched (and it was before this very hot spell) and regularly get strange looks because my hair is wet but only in parts, not all over. The worst thing is when I go to itch my ear only to find out it is full of sweat. I now have eczema in my ears!

  • It would still be worth being referred, if only to get the official diagnosis. (May be useful as another thing to put on DLA forms etc) You could then decide whether to take the tablets or not ? The consultant recommended a tablet for me to have, via the GP, and my GP called me in to discuss other options, which we went through, to see which had the least side effects. You would also be able to discuss your eczema with the dermatologist too. Ask for Epederm, it is great for all kinds of skin conditions. Good luck hun x

  • Thanks. I don't really need to put much more on my form. I already have Fibro, Gout, Clinical Depression, Essential Tremor, Asthma, Eczema and probably Diabetes!! I think that's enough to be going on with.

  • So sorry to read your 'list'. I've got one too !! Fibro is bad enough, but it gives us so many associated symptoms as well, and the list seems to get longer by the day. Drives us all nuts !! Take care hun x

  • Thanks, you too.

  • See you have essential tremor would love to exchange symptoms I have it as well.

  • hi and thanks now I know I am not mad .

    as I have the same but I also seen to not feel the cold to

    but thank you so much

  • I have just been diagnosed with FM and have been reading this with great interest!

    For the last few years I have had excessive sweating on head, neck and forehead. It's so awful, it streams down my face and neck and is so embarrassing. The day I was diagnosed with FM I had an appt with another GP to discuss this sweating and to be referred to a Dermatologist, so will carry on with the referral to get the diagnosis.

    Hope the weather stays at a reasonable temp for us all xx

  • Good Luck with your appointment x

  • Have you ever tried evening primrose or black currant oil capsules? They are a natural approach and have helped me with this problem a great deal ( I prefer the black currant) you get them at a health food store or even a grocery in some towns. No side effects, no toxicity factor. With any new thing tho since like me you have fibro go slow when introducing anything new to your body or it could over react. Make sure to take them every day as u would a prescription from your doctor and give them time to work. Just like an antidepressant needs a few weeks to months to build up so does a supplement but I think you will like the results. I am a licensed nutrition coach too. :-)

  • My doctor prescribed Evening Primrose Oil about 4 months ago but have not really noticed a change in my sweating.

  • So maybe try some black currant oil? Its cheaper, u don't need a prescription. That is the only thing that has ever helped me.

  • Thank you so much for this info, I have never heard of black currant oil capsules, so I will give it a go x

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