I have FM, and was wondering do any of you suffer/have suffered from excessive sweating? My head and neck are constantly soaked with sweat. It can come on at any time, regardless of what I am doing, and there doesn't seem to be any trigger for it. It's not related to any medication I'm on, and I had a hysterectomy in 2007.

Has anyone found anything useful which helps?

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  • Hi

    I sweat profusely, but only at night.

    There is a deodorant you can buy that helps with profuse sweating. It's called Mitchum.

    Hope that helps

    Lu xx

  • I am the same my head,hair and neck sweat all the time . I get really embarrassed when I go out being socked all the time. I haven't any answers I'm afraid .like you it would be nice if some one does have something that helps. Take care x

  • BlueMermaid, do you know if you can use the Mitchum on your face and neck? xx

  • Hi MAOL61,

    I'm newly diagnosed (having been wrongly diagnosed and treated for arthritis for over 7 years) and I recently started taking Nortryptalin for pain. Since taking this medication I have also been really sweaty. If you check the side effects for nortryptalin, it mentions excessive sweating. If you think it may be caused by medication, have a chat with your GP re alternative medication, regards, Maggie

  • Yes I can sometimes be absolutely soaked in sweat even in winter. I am glad when the hot weather comes as at least everyine else is sweating.x

  • Hi, I had a hysterectomy in 1980 and I sweat any time for no reason , my body thermostat just do not work I become saturated and I hate people telling me that I am sweating or why am I sweating, my face, neck and back are soaking amid my hair just sticks to my head, sometimes I just have to peel my trousers off. It's terrible when you are out shopping.

  • In my case it's definitely not caused by medication.

    It's so embarrassing, as some of you have said. In the past I had taken starflower oil capsules, which did help for a while, but unfortunately not any more.

    I am always complaining of being too warm, while everyone else can be shivering.


  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are experiencing this issue, and I have read many Fibro sufferers do experience hyperhidrosis and sweat profusely. I too have this on occasion and it is very unpleasant. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck. They only advice I can offer you is what I personally do, and this is to constantly wash and change my clothes as I have never found a cure / treatment for it yet?

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you Ken x

  • Hi Moal61, I also suffer with the back of my head sweating and soaking wet and have not yet got to grips with it as to how I can avoid/treat it and I find its the little things like this that can get you down! Not really helpful, but you are not alone!

  • I too sweat a lot, I carry a battery fan with me everywhere. helps a lot x

  • OMG someone else with this problem, thought I was going mad. Its aweful, my head and neck almost constantly sweating, its so embarrassing and don't know what to do, have spoken to GP but not much they can do. I'm like it on warm days and very cold days, have my fan on at all times, really gets me down xxxxx

  • I know that you will all understand when I say I'm glad I'm not the only one - but I just wish none of us had to put up with this distressing and embarrassing problem. xx

  • I have had the same symptoms and was putting it dow to the beginning of the menopause and had begun to take herbal sage tablets. I thought they helped a little even though I was told by my GP that it was not the menopause. Like you I am still looking for an answer. But it is nice to be able to chat with someone who knows what I am talking about.



  • Hi there I'm not sure if it's FM that I have but I get head face and neck sweats daily on exertion. Some mornings I awake soaking from sweat even tho I have a fan on 24/7. I know how horrible and frustrating this and I sympathise with you.

  • It has to be one of the most annoying and distressing symptoms of all diamondwendie. It really gets me down at times, and it's so embarrassing. x

  • I agree just wish there was answers so we didn't have to suffer this anymore

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