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Am I the only one?

Am I the only one?

Am I the only one feeling like they are going insane I have FM and Arthritis.Does anyone get itchy all over and what I call crazy legs(restless legs syndrome).I feel like I could just jump in front of a dump truck right now,I was to my Dr.on the 29 and he tells me it has nothing to do with FM.I am supposed to be on Lyrca but can not afford it.So going without for now was on it for a few months wasn't bad.Why don't people understand this I need sleep so bad and have taken 50mg.of Valium and it still never put me to sleep am I losing my mind? Any words of help please.I live in Canada

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I am sorry that you are suffering so much and i know how awful it is when you cant afford the meds that you need.

Here in the UK if you have to pay then there i a scheme where you pay a set amount per month /year and with that you get all the medications that you need without paying extra, Dont you have any thing like that in canada?

I suffer from RSL and itching and found that a drug called Ropinerole works for me.

Other than that i can only suggest realy hot baths and some people say that quinine works for them. Indian tonic water contains quinine and i know that some with RSL drink a glass of that in the evening.

Good luck i really hope that you find some way to get relief.

Sue :)

Both RSL and `phantom`itching are symptoms of fibro.

If you go onto this link it will take you to our mother site where you will find more information.


I get that I think we all do Be Happy x


Yes I get that we all do I think Fibro hits you every were in different ways xx


Hi, yes iv been itching like made lately driving me nuts! Completely get what your saying and yes my legs are pretty bad as well. I sleep with a pillow under my knees and a water bottle right under my bum it really helps me sleep, I am currently not able to sleep on my side at the minute because of me legs ;-(

Hope you get some sleep tonight x


I feel exactly the same as you, trying to type this and my hand is shaking too, feel so miserable wish I could give you more comfort but I live in Scotland. If you need to chat feel free xx


Hi Debbie I found the best thing to help my restless legs was vitamin d, which you can buy ovrr the counter, best of luck.



I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I want to gneuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi Debbie

Your doctor needs to read up on fibro. Restless leg and itchiness are definitely both on the list of many many symptoms involved in fibro and ME (which you probably know as chronic fatigue).

I have fibro and ME, and I also suffer from restless leg and all over itchiness amongst many other symptoms. You're definitely not going mad, but it does drive you mad.

Look after yourself



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