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Crazy Question

This may sound crazy, but when you have a condition that no one can agree on a causd, you start thinking outside the box a bit.

Due to computers and cell phones, not to mention thousands of telivision stations, we are cconstantly being bbombarded by all types if eelectronic waves.

We have microwaves, cell phone waves, cable satellite wave, radio wave, and im sure there are othere. So, what if, due to our genetics, those of us with Fibro, our bodies are being effected by all these waves?

I know they have done studies that show that the frequency of these waves do not effect the cells in our bodies. But would it not make sense that as add more and more of these waves that bombard our body every day, eventually they would effect us.

Water or air do not damage rocks when it rains or the wind blows, bot you have a river flow over that same rock and eventually it will cause erosion to that rock.

Just curious what the rest of you think about that.


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hi Mark

I cant say much about the electronic waves but think your last sentence about water and erosion describes perfectly


I have a friend who believes that her ME/CFS is caused by electricity / WiFi etc, condition used to be called allergic to the 20th century.


Morning Mark,

Interesting conceptions, indeed you are correct work is being done on radio waves and how the energy may effect us. I am sure over time they will prove that the emissions do damage us but at a level which we will rarely ever be aware off.

Please do not liken us to inanimate objects and remember that most fibro can be traced back to an event or accident that has happened to us during the course of our lives. Some of us may never know how we contracted Fibro.

Hypothetics could be the route of the problem however we try to pontificate over the answer the facts will not change


Try and keep smiling Ginsing

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I had a wonderful homeopath for years who used to treat my viruses and colds each winter to great effect. But she never managed to find anything that helped with my other conditions, which didn't then include fibro. That came on three years ago following four shoulder operations in three years.

I felt really rough last year and went to a new homeopath (mine retired) and she produced a machine to look at my biorhythms then went on about electricity, waves etc. She gave me a remedy that was supposed to help, especially with the fatigue. It had no effect whatsoever!


I am now 60, I was diagnosed in 1998 although had the symptoms for many years prior to diagnosis, none of this technology existed during the time I became ill, I am however open to this theory. I have heard of sick building syndrome, chemical emissions into the air in the office work environment, this makes sense to me, I am very sensitive to what I can only describe as a burning plastic smell when I'm in a large office. Lou x


Very interesting and thought provoking post.




I believe that it is probably the "stress" of modern day life that is a big factor. Like you say we have so many gadgets nowadays that we are constantly being bombarded with information and there is little chance to relax and we feel constantly "under pressure".

However this would not really explain why people such as Cleopatra and Florence Nightingale (who appeared to show fibromyalgia symptoms) would develop it?

Thanks for your interesting idea!


Hi, thanks for your reply. I did not know that Cleopatra and Florence Nightingale had the same symtoms what we now call Fibro.

I worked on computers for more than 20 years and just wondered if my exposure to that might have created this problem. I suppose if they had it that long ago then my theory would be wrong.




I agree. There is someone with websitededicated o the matter. Look in Scandinavia for info


Thanks. I'll look for it.


While I would like to know what caused it, I would rather know how to get rid of it.


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