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Well had my medical yesterday! seemed to go ok! she was a nurse & explained everything, said that afternoon reading my file she would give me an examination,but she was very clued up on fb.Hubby was with me as I now have to use a wheelchair when going out ( longterm FB 20yrs & arthritis in spine). So our chat began about our daily routine etc!! We were then asked to leave the room whilst she phoned her colleuge,this she had already told us when we came back in was told it was a doctor that she spoke to & that she no longer needed to examine me! Our impression was Dare I say I might get the SUPPORT but then I get home & my mind start the old whirring & thinks perhaps I babbled TOO much!! So now the waiting game!! PS she was surprised that I had had a medical before & been declared unfit for work!So everyone that was my experience, good luck to everyone when your time comes xx

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Good luck bubblebutt. :)

I do hope it will be good news and you sound quite positive.

hugs, kel xxxx


thanks kel, I felt quite positive at the time but will play the waiting game!! I do try & remain on the upside most of the time as I do believe it does help will let you all know the result when it comes xx


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