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still getting the run around from DWP

Just called my doctor's surgery - his receptionist sent off a second fax requesting a home visit for my assessment to ATOS but yet again they deny getting it. It is possible that the first went to the wrong place because either they gave me the wrong number or I got muddled with the digits. (Don't know because in my innocence I threw away the piece of paper I had written down the no, ATOS gave me.) But today's went to the correct one.

Their attitude stinks (to put it mildly). When I asked what I was supposed to do now I was told that it was up to me! I should ask the receptionist to send it again and then phone up to see whether they had received it! Why should she have to do that?

So I asked who I complained to and was given a phone no. which not surprisingly is constantly engaged.

Hubby has said that to lower my stress levels he will take time off to get me the assessment centre to get it all over with and I think he's probably right. But he is going to complain about their cavalier attitude to the fact that my personal details of name dob NI number and medical conditions seem to have disappeared and I have no idea where they have gone.

Have these staff had any training? Do they have any concept of the fact that they are dealing with sick and disabled people?


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obviously not !

I'm sorry youre getting the run around

I'm not looking forward to july when I will probablyhave to go through all the rigmarole i've just went through over the last couple of yrs appealing as my claim is up for renewal, only just won my appeal!

hugs poppy


Poppy, one week after winning my appeal to have my SDA re-instated I received a letter telling me I had to go for a medical.... !

I rang them up and completely lost it on the phone, I'd been through 12 months of hell with no money coming in, had won my appeal and was livid ! They then admitted they'd lost my original claim ( made 10 years previously ) so need a medical assessment to add to my file .

2 years on my SDA stopped for no apparent reason , I rang them, they paid it. Next month it stopped again. I rang them, they paid me... this went on for 4 months. ... Eventually I asked to speak to a supervisor ( the people on the phone only have so much access to your records ).... Turned out I was due for an assessment but they had again lost my original claim, so the computer was automatically blocking payment but the people I was talking to on the phone each month couldn't see why my payments weren't being made !

If they can't cope with a system that's been running for years God alone knows how they'll cope with all these changes !

I was awarded SDA for life , to get it you had to be classed as 80 % or more disabled for life , now it's changed to 2 yearly assessments . Why ? My condition hasn't gotten any better !

Sorry, rant over lol !



Could you ask if you could send the request by registered mail ? It would arrive next day and they would have to sign for it, showing they've received it.

They make me so angry, it's any excuse to wriggle out of paying what we're entitled to .




What has happened to Patient Confidentiality ????

HUgs x x x x


Poor buggers are only doing their jobs. I'm sure they deal with a of huge amount very rude people who are scamming the system & get fed with that as well.

Its not an excuse for bad/inefficient service but I can imagine its very waring being yelled at all day & being called useless/lazy.... like we all know whats thats like eh....



Are they doing their jobs?? I don't raise my voice or get aggressive when I attempt to speak to the ATOS staff, nor any agencies for that matter, but in return I expect to be treated with respect not indifference-especially when I expressed my concern that two faxes with my personal details (which would be enough for someone to use to commit fraud)


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