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As I imagined, when I signed up for this new GP (based on last time I was there..) I've once again been fobbed off with some co-codamol tablets and a laugh when I asked for something that would perhaps help a little more. Needless to say, that prescription is rotting in the bin somewhere down the road.

I got in. Burst out crying. No idea where to go from here. I've moved around so much, I'm not seeing a regular consultant from rhuemotology & after I asked him to refer me to a local one.. no help there. Tearing my hair out.

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hi unberela, sorry to read you are not getting anywhere , but I would make another appointment and take someone with you this time as this tends to help and insist to be refered for a 2nd opinion as is your right, even check which of the GP'sat the surgery specialise in arthritis etc and insist on seeing that one

I do hope you are more successful

hugs poppy xx


Great info as always. I think a pain clinic is my next stop too. I'm recording my pain & fatigue in iPhone apps so I can share with my docs, good idea? I can share the app names if needed. :-)


Umberehla .

I think it's disgusting that your GP laughed at you . Complain to the practice manager and ask to see a different GP.

Co codamol can cause problems and isn't always the best treatment for pain long term , even if it is effective .

Poppy is right, take someone in with you for moral support and if all else fails, print off some of the info from the fibro action site and hand it to him .




Sending you massive hugs, I have had similar experience recently, I have my other half and the Samaritans on speed dial! Feeling alone raw and broken on the sofa is ok. It's best to let it out, but don't let it devour you. We suffer so much but do hold on, fight and educate yourself with what people like Don Goldenberg et al are doing, they've been the ones who have studied it since the beginning and recommend how Drs in the USA & UK diagnose & treat FMS . I do think that there will be a time when FMS and other conditions will be understood more and we will get the right care. We're all here and will fighting for one another x


I had my husband with me fighting my corner, didn't do much good. :)

The one I saw was the one that I had least problems with before, I don't fancy seeing the others, they'll get to me and I'll end up a wreck! There's a GP surgery that was quite good to me before, they're making a pain of registering though but if I can manage to get that sorted, I can hope for something better.

I asked all about the other types of services available in my local area and he was very quick to say that it wasn't his job to refer me to any of those, that a rhuemo would do that but he wasn't going to do that today as I've already been diagnosed.

Slamming heads against brick walls. I will be trying my hardest to switch surgeries yet again and then, making sure that a complaint is filed. I should have done it the first time round but wanted to give it another chance incase they'd be more understanding. Thanks for your replies, all. I do feel a little better reading everything. Makes me feel less alone. :)


Ah bless you that sounds so frustrating. Have you tried Pregabalin for pain? i started it about 3 months ago and am feeling better. Only using the dreaded co-codamol on really bad days.



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