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I was wondering if I could have any imput from any of you. Next week is an anxious week for me as I have a mental health assessment..this is because my depression has spiralled out of control for me over the last year. To be honest I'm not expecting any help from them. The last two referrals my GP has done, they've just made excuses not to help, claiming my illnesses have made me more depressed tired and anxious and basically what do I expect. The biggie though is a woman from the OT department is coming to talk to me about the possibility of a wet room. My GP first wrote to them last August...following two more GP letters. I'm so concerned about having a wet room. I'm naturally clean and although I can't use the bath independently anymore ( added to my depression loads) I've tried everything from grabs to stools, to bed wipes , no rinse body soap. But I need my step sis around, and we don't get along well and without going into a long story about her..if I could have a wet room it would be one less thing to rely on her for. I have fibromyalgia, arthritis and Sjögren's syndrome. Can anyone give me any advice on things to say to the OT women? Is there any tips or things I shouldn't say? Does anyone know how much they'd cost privately? If I get turned down for this I don't know what I'll do....any advice appreciated. xx

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Lins sorry can't give you advice. Only remember my Dad who had a stroke. Needed different Bath Facilities. I am sure if you explain how your illness effects you daily etc. I truly hope & pray you will get the support you need. Wishing you all the best.😀😀💕 Lv Jan. XXX

Yes lin i had a visit in november just gone nothink to worrt about very nice person just sit down take notes about your problems and if they can help in anyway...got me alot of support..so you are very lucky.but i think they do logg it all down...ok hope it helpsxxx

I had an OT visit not so long ago, like you I was anxious. As soon as the lady walked through the door she put me at ease straight away. Your OT is not there to trip you up, they are there to assess your needs according to your ability. That allows them to see what help you need. They are there purely to make your life easier, or to the best they can. Let them know what your problems are when washing, it is amazing what they have in their arsenal of goodies.

I hope it goes well for you. Happy bathing when it's done 🐸

Just because you had no help with the depression don't assume that there will be no help with physical problems. My OH has depression and anxiety and I know that that part of the NHS is so underfunded that it is very difficult to get help so don't take that personally.

Every OT person I ever met in my previous job with the elderly were absolutely lovely and wanted to help the person concerned of course within the constraints they have such as making sure that your bathroom is suitable for conversion. They will probably look at you as a whole not just on the question of whether to provide a wet room as there could be masses of small things that may make life easier and give you more independence.

I am sure that the doctor has put in their letter the problems you are having but it could be good to list them down as well as a list of your illnesses etc so they can get a good overall picture. Make a list of the things that you find difficulty about bathing, what your step sister has to help you with and you can stress that you wish to be as independent as possible.

Good luck with it and let us know how you get on.x

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I agree completely with your other respondents as they are not there to try and trip you up or catch you out. They will look at what difficulties you have from your disabilities and try to help. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with the appointment.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x :)

My father in law was recently assessed for a wet room due to a stroke, he was informed he would need to pay £1000 to have it done.


My step sis has told me " she may want to see you try to have a bath"! As for tripping up isn't that what everyone's worried about when it comes to Dla or PIP? And I mean those genuinely ill. And I'm not elderly.

OK, first off - she will not want to see you taking a bath! I currently work in the health centre that takes referrals for the NHS OTs for south Norfolk and I know from hearing them talk and reading their reports that they are enormously respectful and caring. Just be completely honest and tell her what problems you have and how they affect you. Don't worry about mentioning the knock-on effect on your mental health, it's a legitimate factor in your overall health and something she will have heard countless times. OTs are definitely not trying to trip you up or do you out of anything you need. They are genuinely there to assess your needs and limitations and try to work out the best solution for you and they really care about making your life easier. It may well be that they then have to refer your needs to Social Services if structural alterations like a wet room are needed but they will not try to down-play your needs to avoid you being able to get what you need - they are nothing like the assessors for PIP. When I was first diagnosed with fibro the OT at the hospital was the one person I felt was really on my side. She wasn't just concerned with what it was doing to me physically but encouraged me to talk about the effect on my mental health and, in the early days, let me fall apart and then helped put me back together again. I hope the assessment goes well for you.

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