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Up at 3 am, numbness in right thigh and jaw bad, but thigh worsening to a burning pain, unbearable, have to sit. feet swollen & painful

Up at 3 am, numbness in right thigh and jaw bad, but thigh worsening to a burning pain, unbearable, have to sit.  feet swollen & painful

this condition it pure torture to me, up alone again, muscle pain all over but the above standing out more acute. i have terrible wind, ibs. throat swollen.

been a wee at least three times in last hour.

family all sleeping and we had what i would call a goodish day, slept in afternoon cuddling my daughter, but had managed to walk around tesco doing shop with hubby so felt positive.

now my hips and hands are hurting and my lower back feels like its been ticked. i feel itchy all over and just before going to get go very hot with sweat on my neck. an obvious prelude to a restless and pain filled night.

the house is so noisy to my ears, and my eyes are aching. my head feels like cotton wool. taken a nefopam hydrochloride tablet for nerve pain but it just not touching the sides. why on why does it never go away!

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Awww gentle hugs Happe,

Am going through it too - not even been to bed yet. Have spent hours feeling sorry for myself and bawling my eyes out in frustration. IBS started to give me gyp about an hour ago. Thankfully - or not - I'm alone bar 3 cats and a 10 week old kitten. I've not felt right enough to leave house all week and only managed to shower at 1 a.m to try and ease the pain under the hot spray - it help a short while - until my body cooled back down again.

I've wished hard daily, for the evil Fibro to go away - it never hears me!:-(

My first blog has a letter from Fibromyalgia mocking the sufferer. Take a read - Like me - you'll wanted to ring Fibro's ruddy neck! :-O


Carol xx


Greetings guys, oh the frustrating misery of it all. I do sympathise with you both, I too feel your pain, quite literally. Did the night-shift as I call it, no sleep last night, a write-off. No matter what I took, be it meds or alcohol, nothing would work.....bod didn't want to know. The frustration of having to live day in & day out in a body that't set on self-distruct is hard to bear isn't it.? Plus people who are unable to comprehend what it's like to be us.....makes life all the harder. Thankfully I know I'm very lucky to have a great hubby, apart from the snoring, ha ha! Who almost gets me I think, I hope. At least he hasn't run for the hills as yet anyway, but sometimes I wouldn't blame him. :)

Much love to all, Annette x

Ps. Yes the shower is my happy place, could live there, what blessed relief, only wish it were permanent. Will check out your Fibro blog Carol, I'm sure it will be an insight I can relate to. :)


Yep, fibro stinks...

I've spent goodness knows how many sleepless nights as my body used to reel with chronic pains.. Yes, the hot water is a pure blessing and I absolutely love a long soak in a hot spa... Ahhh, the relief of tight achy muscles and tired limbs.. It's now almost 3am and still trying to get sleepy so I might catch some sleep before the sun rises again in the morning... But I now find regular exercise helps my fibro greatly.. It helps pain as I found this out from the Arthritis foundation... I now swim for 45 minutes, twice a week and this has lowered my pain levels by over half and I've been swimming now for the last 5 years.. Straight after my swim I spend 40 minutes in the hot spa or a quick sauna as this quickly warms my extremities as I also suffer from Raynaud's as well..

I also meditate weekly and find this another great benefit as I can relieve some of the stress from fibro... Just lying on my bed and listen to peaceful music as I concentrate on my breathing and slowly lower my breath to about 50 per minute, as this calms the mind and lowers the heart rate... Yes, I know it all sounds so pathetic but after ten cruel years with fibro life had to have a better way of living.. Some quick research and a class on Managing a chronic Illness, I thought I'd give it a go.. I decided to try this bullshit for 6 months before I chucked it all in, and crawled back into my bed of pain...

I'm still struggling with insomnia and if I could just find a way of going off to sleep, when most other sensible humans hit the pit for a good 6 to 7 hours sleep I'd feel a heap better...

Take care - Mike


Sorry my typo - second paragraph, "and slowly lower my breath to about 50 per minute," should read - slowly lower my breathes to about 10 per minute... (dam fibro fog..)


i am experiencing numbness myself on left side of body relaxation to music is good its what i do myself my radio is on low through the night its a good way to try to sleep and a good shower is also relaxing


mysympathies to all who suffer this debilitating condition at least we are not alone


Hi I know what you are going through when I get like that I would listen to some music or get an audio book one that you really like and try to concentrate on the persons voice, it will take time but it does work, I am now up to four hours good sleep at night. remember one thing the night may be dark but each one of us lights it up we are never alone


thank you everyone xx


I get the numbness bad too. Well at least I did before I started with Amitripyline 9 years ago. I have been off and on it since, but keep returning to it when the sleepless nights start to affect my afternoons.. I would also get the burninng pain in my jaw and hip where the pillow and matress would press, and it would feel like sleeping on hot stone. The ami helped with the major problem, but also I take magnesium CITRATE (not oxide) for cramps and restless leg. I Hope this helps.

People often say to me that I do well and could not have Fibro at times, but it is rather like the advert for the Dandruff Shampoo - "Dandruff?....You DON'T have Dandruff?..." And I reply "Thats because I use <brand> dandruff shampoo!". Now just substitue Dandruff for Fibro and Shampoo for Sucessfull medication, and there you have it. They don't see me when I am bad, as I am holed up away out of their vision juggling the meds.

But like a fool I am coming off the Ami again, and substituting this time with 5HTP supplement which is supposed to work the same (but with no side effects?). So I will let you know if this is as good.

Cadee, I hope tonight is better for you. I have a cat too and she helps by distracting me.



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