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Dear Father Christmas

Just in case this letter reaches you at the North Pole and you happen to fly over my chimney on Christmas Eve please could I have

A Sugar Mouse sorry a good day about the house

Golden Coins of chocolate to help to take the pain away (Chocolate does that they say)

To remember what I ment to say

For my friends to be happy and pain free too

A pair of socks - a ticking clock

Not to cry I always do at some point on Christmas day.

Can I please just laugh a lot

Love a lot Smile a lot

Thank you Father Christmas

ps I will leave mince pies and beer for you ! xxxgins

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I will come dressed as father Christmas If you are offering mice pies, you may have to leave the front door open as the chimney may be a tight squeeze plus me being hauled up by a crane may also wake small children and spoil their Christmas ... Can't guarantee any chocolate coins either I will have eaten them on the way.... Christmas is a time for sharing so I will leave the wrappers all over your living room floor.... I can do the socks... But they will be odd for some reason socks never stay in pairs at my house....

Ad I am sure the sight of me dressed as Santa dangling from a crane will ensure some laughter

See you on the 25th

Grumpy Christmas x


Morning I am still chucklng I promise to winch you down and join you for a mince pie!

Seeyou on 25th xgins


Oh, could you come to my house too? No chimney though, so you'll have to come through the front door....oh, no, that's locked, so is the back door! No way you'd get in through the windows either!! I can provide mince pies, chocolate coins, full roast dinner - compliments of my daughter - alcohol in small quantities, and some humour!!


Mice ... Mice ... Damn you auto correct .. Mince pies will be fine don't trouble yourself to freshly grind mice

VG :)


Mice ummm sugar mice they is nice lol :)


Thats a lovely poem! it's just made me cry!.............Take Care of you! xx


I do love a bit of nonsence don't you :) xgins


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