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this is the 3rd night running i have not been able to sleep, the depression kicked in about 5 days ago, and my brain just wont shut down. The fibro has been bad again due to me getting the flu both my kids have had.............. It's a slippy slope i am on, and to top it all i have my tribunal on wednesday for my ESA

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bless you hope you feel better soon love diddle x

hope you get some rest and feel better soon xx


I was like this last weekend. I just could not shut off, I even watched all the 'Twilight' movies to date just to see if I would doze off ... Nope, would not happen. But sods law - I was dozing off (finally) during the day. And with an unsupportive ex, I kept getting woken up. However, come Monday I was back sleeping the way I was before. Not very good at that, but it was sleep. I still had a phase in the week though where I could not shut off again.

Hope you start to feel a bit better than you have been soon. And good luck on Wednesday. =)

I've only recently been plagued with insomnia, it is so frustrating that I get really annoyed and end up getting out of bed and watching telly until the very early hours. During the day I can sleep like a log but try to stay awake so as I can get to sleep at night, but nope, doesn't work! x


Hi danhan

If you have your tribunal soon thats probebly whats keeping you awake....

I know it sounds stupid but have you tried eating lettuce or juicing it with a carrot, before you go to bed. Its not something you can do all the time because of the cellulose (gives you wind).... but I use it when desperate and it seems to work for me.

Half a lettuce ...doesn't matter what variety. I've been know to much through half an iceburg while watching a film.

Its a temporary fix but sounds like its all getting to you now so worth a try?

stepper x

sounds good will try the lettuce and carrot juice,hope it works.hope you get some rest, i always read books i have gaught with all the books, i have not had time to read or had no intrest

depression is the hardest thing next to fibro its hard when you cannot switch off especially with your tribunal coming up hugs xxx

Hope you're feeling better soon and you manage to get some sleep xxx

Good luck for Wednesday x

in reply to anjie

I've got a little radio which i use with an earphone at night to try and help me sleep, i find if i listen to chat on 5Live or something i try to concentrate on that and doze off..for a few hours then it's back to square one again. Good luck with your tribuneral, been there and can see another one coming up.

thoughts, take care

Jan H xx

Can anyone please help me. I am totally at my wits end and don't know where else to post this. My doc is sure i have fibromyalgia but i am commenced it ME. really trying to get my symptoms over to him but he is convinced. I have had absolutely no energy or life since January and my walking is horrendous. Just so tired all the time and don't where mantra and can't do anything . In pain but that is manageable but am totally struggling and don't want to be here its that bad. He is a great doc so don't want to disagree with him or ask for 2nd opinion. Just don't know what to do. So bad i donwant to be here x x

Audrey, firstly ask for a referral to a specialist they will help alot more than your average gp, i have fibro and was sent to me clinic by mistake but it was the dr there that gave me my diagnosis, things are now moving slowly. As for your pains mine started with mild pains and now over the last 18 months is struggle to move, walk and even cut my food. I have had a shite 18 months with 3 deaths in the family and at times i have contemplated ending it all, the only reason i am here is for my family, i could not put them through that, but on the other hand i dont want to be here.....You just need to persevere as hard as it is, people will help, i have a support worker, who i got from my local housing ass. you maybe able to get the same. Have an ask around it is worth it and to be honest i only came across this site by accident, joined today and have found some of the reading very useful. I wish you lots of luck and once you decide to take things into your own hands life can only get better. Hugs Carrie x

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