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So this is the fourth night that I have been awake for majority of the night. Last night it was 5.20am before I got to sleep.

It's gone 2am and after drinking my herbal tea, listening to my music, eating chocolate moose, drinking warm milk, doing relaxation, watching tv .. I'm still wide awake. Wish I had something productive to do all night rather than lying humming and hawing haha!

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  • The mind can be treacherous! I recall those nights very well. Is there something troubling you?

  • Oh lordy lou! Sorry to hear you still having the sleep problems. Would it not be worth a trip to your gp? Not being able to sleep is so horrible, and boy it makes the days long huh. Take care. x

  • Rotten luck the nights are long, trouble is if you start doing stuff you become even more awake. So lye back and think lovely warm thoughts and imagine a scenario and very soon you will be asleep.

    Good luck


  • Hey Gins, thanks for your suggestion. I will try that tonight, I do find it very hard just to 'lie' there tho.

    C x

  • Ohh I know how you feel. I sleep about 3 hours a night if I'm lucky. I try hypnosis apps pain killers to easy the pain nothing works. I have been so depressed since my doctor put me on anti depression tablets for fibro pain. I wasn't depressed before and have never felt so bad in my life. Can't get a doctors appointment for 2 weeks so just hoping I can get through until then. Back to work today for an 11 hour shift with only 3 hours sleep last night. The problem I have is I want to sleep when at work and can't sleep when I should. Hope you get some sleep soon.

  • Hello! I have been trying listening to deep muscular relaxation, which seemed to work at the start but now I can listen to it four times over and still be awake! I had the exact same problem, my mood wasn't so bad until I was put on duluxotine and now I just cry, get grumpy or upset at the slightest things. I'm heading to the doctors on Thursday so I will see what she says about the sleep, hopefully she can help.

    C x

  • Morning Charlie, so sorry to hear you are havin problems sleeping, I find if I listen to music, I start to hum or wriggle my toes to the music and that's keeps me awake as mind is working, have you tried playing nature sounds ie birds, sea, rain, streams ect I was given what Whipps Cross hosp ENT call a pacifier for my tinnitus it helps to drown the noise of the tinnitus at night when u are trying to sleep, I love the sound of water anyway, but it does help, when I have the sound of the sea on I imagine myself laying on soft sandy beach with alcoves ect with the sun beating down on me, it's lovely, sorry to prattle on got carried away there lol, but they are very good, you can get one fom Argos, the real name isn't pacifier and they look more decorative than the hospital one and they aren't very expensive either, ...hope this helps and good Luck ...gentle hugs....Dee x

  • Hello Cookie72,

    Thanks for your suggestions! That sounds so relaxing just reading that :) .. I'll have a look into that as it does sound good. I'm going to change my relaxation music tonight and maybe try listening to it through earphones. I am a light sleeper so find even the wind, creeks and other noises in the house tend to keep me awake!

    C x

  • Good morning charli,so sorry to hear that you can't sleep,your fibro symptoms must be so aweful for you not having hardly any sleep!.Have you tried something called the progressive muscle relaxation technique?i learnt this from a course I went on years ago.You lay in bed,close your eyes and relax and concentrate on your breathing,taking nice deep breathes.Then you start by concentrating on each muscles group and relax that area.If your mind wanders you have to keep bringing it back.You start with your toes,then feet,then ankles and gradually move up.It is hard to begin with but the more you practise the easier it becomes and it helps to relax your muscles and can help you to go to sleep.After you have got to your head you scan your body to relax any bits that are still tense.You will find that gradually your breathing becomes shallow as you are doing it.You can listen to some relaxation c.d as you are doing it as well xxx

  • Hey Haribo36,

    I have been using a muscular relaxation podcast on my phone, which seemed to work at the start. But recently I find myself lying wide awake, even after the podcast has stopped, which is only 10 minutes long. I had an appointment at the pain clinic before Christmas where my Physio gave me a recap of using the technique. I do find it hard to concentrate and go through each body part by myself, that's why I use the podcast and listen to someone telling me what to do. I am going on a pain management course next month, which covers it again, so maybe that will help. I might change the podcast to another one, as maybe I am too use to the same man talking! Do you have any suggestions of other ones I could use?

    Thanks, C xx

  • I'm tired too and sleep badly every night. I toss and turn all night,I must wake multiple times then around 4am I wake and just lie there. Last night this happened and I had to be up at 7 to collect family from the station at 8.20am. I feel so tired now. Thing is I start a new job in a few weeks and although occ health have said I only need to do core shifts not long days I actually feel quite worried that I could be working in such a busy and practical job on so little sleep. Think I will have to start with back shifts. I can take a sleeping pill twice a week but the nights in between are torture. I find sleeping on a heatpad (plug in from Boots) helps but you aren't supposed to leave them on for hours. I can't seem to find a pillow to suit me at all these days either.

    My GP put me on imipramine before c/mas to help with sleep. I only took 3 slept just as badly,got very bunged up and felt sick and foggy headed during the day so I've decided not to take anymore.I sometimes wonder if taking amitriptyline for 8 years has damaged my bodies ability to sleep on its own!?

  • Hello,

    Sorry to hear your having trouble sleeping too. I does make you feel terrible the next day and I get overtired too, so get grumpy haha! I am returning to work on Monday, after being off 5 weeks with a broken wrist and I am not looking forward to the shifts, so glad that I start on a backshift and not an early! What kind of job are you going to be working in?

    I am going to the doctors on Thursday, so I will see what she says about the sleep problems. They really are starting to get me down and constantly exhausted! I was also on amitriptyline for 2 years, maybe that's my problem too. They just stopped being as affective and I was on the max dose, but were really good to begin with.

    C x

  • 5 weeks off will make it hard going back but hey you were off at a good time of year!

    I'm going to be a Clinical support worker on the bank of a hospital,I'm really looking forward to it.I did a similar job years ago but gave up after having surgery because I wasn't up to it for ages. I'm in a better place now apart from the sleep issue.I think the new job will cure my mood problems too -time to do something more fulfilling!

    Yeah I just kept having my amitriptyline increased too. Eventually like u say your body seems to get used to it. My new years resolution is to try to move more and walk short distances instead of driving. I have a theory that with my life having been too sedentary in my previous job perhaps I'm just not tired enough to sleep deeply. Anyway will see if it helps any. Hope work goes well. Nwg x

  • Like you this seems to be my life now its been going on for months nothing sends me off to sleep i have tried increasing Amytryptiline I've had sleeping tablets and nothing works over the weekend i didn't sleep at all and i never allow myself to sleep during the day as i then think i won't sleep at night. Driving me crazy now though. Just bought some chamomile tea to try even though i know i hate the taste and smell of it.

  • That's a shame. It makes you feel terrible too and can't function properly either! I've been drinking herbal tea too, which doesn't taste very nice and has leafy bits in it haha .. It seems to help me relax a little but not enough to sleep. Maybe try adding some honey to the tea, that helps mask the awful taste! C x

  • Poor you. I'm going to add decaff coffee to my mix and try a banana at night. At least the dinner was fine!

  • Decaff tea is on my shopping list for tonight! Trying not to drink tea after 6pm either, but doesn't seem to help any. I will add banana's too :) Thanks! x

  • Good luck. If there was an easy answer someone would have it by now :-)

  • I don't tell many people this because they will think I'm mad, but here is what I do when sleep just won't come. I think of anything at all, ie boys names, girls names, flowers, animals, cars, countries, the list is endless, and then I think of names from A to Z. eg Andrew, Basil, Colin, Douglas ........Zac, and by the time I get to a letter that defeats me I am usually asleep. At the moment I'm doing A to Z of makes of car. Sometimes I make it really difficult by trying to do up to four associated things at a time, ie, a flower, a tree, a vegetable and a fruit. If you don't cheat and have a brain as fuzzy as mine you should be asleep in no time! Give it a go, it might just work for you. All the best, Roberta

  • That's not so daft. It's like counting sheep! I'd be interested in a medic's take on all of this.

  • Counting sheep doesn't work for me, but an A-Z of things you can find on a farm did!

  • HEE HEE :-)

  • Hi Charlie-Red,

    The best thing for me when i have nights like that is i read my book. It might take some pages before i know morning is here. Take care.x


  • I have my kindle paperwhite which has a built in backlight so i read in the hope that i will fall asleep and if i do the kindle switches off so its perfect really if i could just sleep its now 1.23 in the morning and i am full of the flu feeling really rough but still feel wide-awake. I have literally tried every trick in the book milk, oval tine, banana, relaxation techniques, sleeping tablets, extra amytryptiline and many other things and nothing helps and the pain then kicks in to make the nights even better. My biggest wish would be to put my head on the pillow and go to sleep and wake up feeling that i have had a great nights sleep. Hope everyone else has a great night xxx

  • Honey is very good at bed, try not to eat or drink anything to stimulate your brain. Not sure if you take anything i do naturel 99% of the time for fibro but for sleep i have to take oxozapam helps just to chill ouy

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