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Yet another diagnosis

I have been having excruciating neck and lower back pain. It got to be so bad I actually went to see my doctor (I usually avoid going if its for fibromyalgia) I was in pain and very depressed. I have had continuous migraines for over 4 months. I can't take most pain killers, I only take them as a last resort. The pain I am experiencing is affecting my neck, upper back, both shoulders, both arms hurt. They go numb and this travells to my fingers, and they go weak, this is also in my face sometimes I have "tennis elbow" both arms, and tendonitis in both hands. Multiple joint pain too.

My lower back hurts so much that I can hardly walk. All my muscles feel like they are burning and stabbing shooting pains in all my joints.

My doctor said nothing can be done to help me. So I did some research and found that I can be helped, I managed to find some information on Severe Disc Degeneration Disease, this guy specialises in upper back degeneration. The hospital is Kings College Hospital.

Anyone else had any experience with this hospital, or have this condition, its in both my neck and lower back, the neck is so painful, its so bad that there is no cushioning between the discs. Bone on bone really hurts

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With there today my neck hurts all way down veto calves ouch


Morning MP

Have you tried osteopathy ?

This sounds like something they may be able to help with ( though not sure). I have had various problems with back / neck over the years - with some disc space narrowing between discs and found osteopathy very helpful and given some exercises to help myself. I would also try a TENS machine in the meantime as a non - pharmaceutical pain relief method.

Hope you fins some relief somewehere.




I've got pains on the left side of my neck and across the lower part of my back but do have fibro on my left hip. This doesnt explain why I am getting these pains in my neck or my back as these pains are totally different to my fibro pains so I would be interested in knowing more abut this myself.

I am up in Cheshire so I have not had any experience with Kings College Hospital which I take is down London way.

I have started taking something that helps so going to stay with this and see how I go :-)


I have cervical spondylosis and get all the symptoms you describe. I have a cloud pillow which really helps. You've seen the advert where the bones in the neck are kept straighter.

My lower back iss really bad when I first wake up but does ease through the day. Its been particularly bad recently. I think because of weather pressure. Hot baths can help.... I throw in a good cup of Epson salts and take magnesium.

It is something that shows up on x ray. Mine is c3 and c5 I think. It scares me when my arms take their time coming back. Spinal damage that high affects breathing !

My GP calls it wear and tear though ! Agghh.

I got the xray because of a compensation claim for whip lash. ! That private doctor was horrified !


have all the same symptoms but all my disc's are done in from top to bottom can't do anything for me although they offered me an op but chances of walking again 75% against but would ease some of the pain chose to keep pain as won't take chance of being in wheelchair and that was Kings cross hospital said it... so I really sympathise with you.. and hope something can be done for you. Take care


I have had lumber and cervical spondolitis for yrs now the last 6mths the pain is increasing in the centre of my spine aswell with swollen muscles alongside I really feel for you the pain is excruciating at times last night I had what felt like pulsating pain right the way up my spine and none of the pain meds even touch it,i hope you do find some help.xx


two suggestions-have you ever tried atlas chiropractors? they aren't like normal chiro and only works if your atlas (top of neck) is out of wack. worth checking out. has helped back i finally broke down and had readiofrequency ablaction two weeks ago. very painful procedure for about a week but think it is really helping my lower back.


sorry-spelled procedure incorrectly-it's radiofrequency ablation.


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