well todays the day of reckoning

Have my esa tribunal at 3.20pm. feel so nervous its unreal, my heart feels like its going to jump out of my chest, havent slept at all and i've got the tremors too just want today to be over then at least i know where i stand!!

and my friend who was going to come with me has been called into work this morning, shes a police officer as they are short staffed ( think it is something to do with what happened yesterday) so looks like i'll be going alone after all

Hope you all are having a good day this sunny morning and i'll be on later to let you know how i go on xx

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  • Lots lots lots good luck please let us no.xx

  • Whats ESA don't mean to be dumb xxx

  • Employment & Support Allowance x

  • Best of luck to you! x

  • How do you think it went ...?? keeping toes and fingers crossed

    gentle dyslexic hugs

  • Hi Lexie, i won! i was awarded 15 points and placed in wrag group. i was hoping for support but i still won!! x

  • Will watch out for your update to se ehow things went. I have posted a blog about my tribunal, so much easier than going over and over what for me really did feel like a day of reckoning xxxx

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