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Well after the humilation of the hearin for over 2 hours, then waitin yesterday for the dreaded letter that never arrived like they said it would!!!, Well today it did after waitin for my heart to stop poundin i decided to open it thinkin that surely they would of seen the pain i was in and the doctors letters that cost £90 to fill in for my extra points i needed for ESA appeal how much they all said that this terrible condition called Fibromyalgia was affectin my everyday life, only to get told NO to 2010 claim for DLA NO for DLA claim for 2011 and NO for ESA for 2011!!!! so wat the hell do i do now???? please help me some1 For the ESA im not entitled to that because i dont have limited capability for work!!!! doesnt matter that my legs are that painfull that i stumble all the time i carnt go anywhere without a stick i have panic attacks around lots of people, thats why i dont leave my front room from 1 week to the next!!!!!! :-( xx

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its discusting and i think its so unfare. i would appeal again xxx


i would appeal again,im so sorry for you really needs to recognised so that we can all get help that we are intitled too.dont give up cos thats wot they want try again hugs xxx


Thanx Rosehip & Lollypop at the min im so drained from the whole thing n so very tired, and at this moment i dont think i cud go thro that again, but like you say this needs to be recognised and taken seriously all any of us want is just 1 day free from pain how wonderfull that wud be.

After the last few days the way i feel i dont think im goin to be goin far :-(, makes you wonder wat wud happen if it was 1 of those 3 people that was sat in front of me that needs some form of benefit 1 day how wud they feel!!!!!

Big thanx again guys xxxx


Hi....Ive had the dreaded letter today, to be told exactly the same thing. I wasn,t awarded one single point...My mind can't cope with what the letter says. I keep reading n reading it but its just going straight over the top of my head....The woman at the medical can't have listened to anything I said....I feel so deflated n don't know the next step to take.


Bad news Luvmybabies and Jillygee, I can empathise with you both, you probably feel like your head is going to explode and everything seems surreal.

Try not to stress too much over the weekend as there is nothing you can do now until Monday so put the letters away and on Monday do as Chris suggested and contact on of the organisations for help.

It isn't going to do you any good today to keep reading the letters over and over cos as you say, nothing is going to make sense. If you had it all over to someone who is experienced in dealing with these cases you will feel as though a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and they will do all the correspondence on your behalf.

Take heart from all the other stories that are on here, keep fighting and lets hope that together we can raise the profile of fibro so that we dont have to keep going through all this hassle.

Take care, love Angela xx


Chris~i had lady from welfare rights with me at the apeal and she worked very hard dealing with my case, also i went to see local MP to see if that would help, i was in his room for 5 min (i timed it) and he didnt look at me once!!! .

Ang I dont think my body could go thro any more stress i feel like im cavin in, its too much now ive had enough :-( xx


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