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Magnesium Oil Spray

I went to my local Fibromyalgia support Group and a lady gave me a label from a Magnesium Oil Spray (Original spray) bottle.

I didn't have a chance to ask her about it, and wondered if anyone has used this and to what effect.

I have had magnesium injections privately some years ago, but when I had to stop those after I lost access to private health treatment I didn't notice any difference to my health.

As I understand it Fibro suffererers cannot absorb magnesium through oral use.

Any comments very welcome. I live in the UK

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For 7 years I had really bad leg spasms especially at night. I couldnt take magnesium by mouth as it upset my gut. Bought some magnesium oil spray which I rub into my muscles morning and night. Since that day I have had no more muscle spasms at all except for one night when I had forgotton to apply it. You can by it in H and B health food shop. I swear by it, so I do hope it will help you also. Worth a try anyway! Have a good day and gentle hugs.


Hello Beloved and thanks for your comments. Glad to hear it helped your leg cramps.

I don't get leg cramps or spasms. My pain is mostly in my hip area and also shoulders, so maybe I will get some and see if it helps me too.

I did wonder if it may help with energy levels. That's something I do find very hard to cope with. No strength.

I have just bought some Energex Plus pills which contain Guarana, Panax Ginseng, Amico Acid, and Vit B Complex in the hope they may help.

Have a good weekend and gentle ((Hugs)) to you too.:)


hi plumcake, i take magnesium suplimentfrom superdrug -their own - and it has made such a big difference to my cramps i still get some now and again but not as bad or as often they really work and i definately recommend them

hugs poppy xx


Hi Poppy-03 and thank you for your input.

So you take it orally and find it helps? That's great news.

Have you noticed any other improvements in your health by taking them. ie;

more energy?

((Hugs)) Plumcake x


Its a bit sticky, not sure if it helps me, but I still put it on

in case it does any thing is worth a try


Thanks Vivien60.

Maybe you are spraying on a little too much on if it's sticky. The label I have says 5-10 sprays twice a day after showering as it can be absorbed better, and it can be diluted with mineral water, but then you would have to be careful not to dilute too much.

I may give it a try. Trouble is if you are taking anything else new,it is hard to know what is helping and what's not doing a thing.

Our bodies change so much each day and one wonders if you may have improved anyway despite the product you are using.

May be worth stopping it and see how you feel after a week or so.

All the best

Plumcake x


Maybe you are right, the only thing I have found good is enu oil

but everyone is differientanything is worth a try


sorry no gap in differient and anything


Thanks Vivien60. I've not heard of Enu oil., Just googled it and found it is the fat of Emus.


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