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Hi everyone Im new to this site. Ive had fibro for 20yrs and osteoarthritis in my spine and most joints and disk disease with slipped disks in top and bottom of my spine some of them pressing on nerves. Also ibs and high bp. Apart fro. That im fine!! 😀! My question is does anyone use magnesium spray and how have you managed on it.

Im very sensitive to meds and read that the spray would be better but wondered if it works.xx

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Hello and welcome to this friendly site. I too am very sensitive to meds . I used the magnesium spray. It didn’t have any bad effects but didn’t help much either. Having said that I have heard others say how good it is for pain. We’re all so different. I hope that it helps you. X


Thanks for your reply. I,ll try it. Tried so much over the years you end up not knowing what to do!

All best wishes xx


Hi Nannamarie and welcome to our lovely forum. I have never used this spray but now you have joined us I am sure there will be some members who have and will be able to offer you the benefit of their experience. You will receive all kinds of advice and support from the friendly folk on here plus there is plenty of useful information and links on our main site so you may like to take a look at this:

Also I notice you haven’t locked your post. You don't have to do this but you are likely to receive more replies if you do as many of our members are not keen on responding to unlocked ones, as they can be accessed by people outside the community. Instructions on how to do this can be found on the link below but if you get stuck, please don’t hesitate to ask for help.

I look forward to seeing you around. Take care. x


Evening, welcome to the forum , I've just come out of a 20min Epsom salts bath I find they really help me ( on the pack they say 20mins for magnesium to be absorbed) have you tried this ??? I'm yet to try a spray . I bought a box full of packs on the internet as I found it was a lot cheaper than buying single bags at chemists . Xxx

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Hi,Ive got OA as well as fibro, I use the magnesium spray from H&B for my restless legs at night, and for joint pain they do a few different kinds, I also use Epsom salts in the bath like Yasminta.


Hi thanks so much for your kind welcome and all your help. Its much appreciated. I dont usually go on forums so thanks for the help about locking my posts. Ill have a look at it.

People are so nice!😁xx


I, too use Epsom salts in bath which really helps and spray on feet at night.


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