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Have any of you tried taking magnesium supplements to help with sleep and the symptoms of fibro, been googling about it and sounds like it is the best thing to take. If you have can you let us know if it made any difference to you.


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I take a A-Z supplement that has magnesium in it (16% of the RDA). I find this helps a lot and I mean a lot don't know if its the magnesium or the B12 supplement. Also if you are going through a time where you are not eating properly it means you get what you need.


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Magnesium supplementation is covered in the Complementary Therapies & Fibro factsheet:

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Yes, its a really good supplement, but had to stop taking it when I developed Interstitial Cystitis as it caused it to flare. But if you have no bladder issues, would recommend highly.

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Hi. I take magnesium every night because of migraines which have gone from up to 12 a month to maybe 1 or 2 very slight ones a year. I'd recommend it to anyone.

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I have never tried Magnesium as I now take stuff from my FLP business which really does work and is very healthy :-)

Yes I take a chelated magnesium ever night which us better for IBS. I also take an A to Z.....and use Epson salts in a bath. It makes a huge difference to pain x I used to get cramps especially in my legs.

Word of lowers blood pressure. That's an advantage for me but for those with low blood pressure it can cause some major problems x Be careful taking any alternative medication. They have as many side effects as traditional medicines.

We have to know our bodies and be aware of our own needs x

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Hi stepper, I agree with what you say about Magnesium as I bought a bottle from the Health shop and took it for awhile but I didn't feel well on it and because I'm on Warfarin I found it thinned my blood more and have been told my Gp not to take over the counter remedies unless I ask her first! But the only one I do take that I have found is okay to take with my medication is Slippery Elm Bark in Capsule form for IBS..... It reall does ease the pain! Aisha x

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I've taken magnesium for a few years now and I can honestly say it has done absolutely NOTHING for my fibro!! XX

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there are many different types of magnesium. which type would you recommend and what dose?

I think it makes a difference when you take it too. Taking it at night seems to be best for me. I takes chelated magnesium (amazon)

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Mine just says magnesium from holland and Barrett!!

Yes I was taking magnesium from H and B and found it quite good. Many who have IBS might struggle to absorb it. Taking it at night helps. There are different types . I haven't found much difference between them other than price. The magnesium sprays are meant to be the best. I haven't tried that yet. Magnesium is the sister mineral to calcium. One helps with the absorbtion of the other. Its worth googling and learning about what you're taking. X

I'm not feeling well enough today to think straight sorry x

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