Magnesium Spray

Thank you Rosewine! My daughter found it in large Boots, and in just THREE days my legs/feet are a healthier colour, not so painful, improved dry skin. Do you ever get an itch that you just cannot find?! Drives me crazy! The Podiatrist is due next month, and I think she will be impressed. Also taking a supplement (I had some in the drawer), which I will drop in a couple of weeks, see how it goes. Spread the news. Now that the nightmare that was 'The Gas Central Heating Installation' is off the scene as well, my intolerable aching muscles are easing. Tulip xx :)

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  • Tulip what excellent news :) So good to start by spreading sunshine .

    x ginsing

  • Daft thing is, i've had it before as a supplement which helped, then just forgot to take it. The spray is magical. Tulip :)

  • Excellent news tulip, good way to start the day. I wonder if this is like epsom salts which i put in bath to ease muscles, must check it out. Have a nice day,

  • Hi, that's wonderful news. if I can find it I think I'll give it a go x

  • I order it from amazon it's about £8

  • Can u use it on your neck.

  • Yes even on your face or in your mouth!! It can tingle a bit sometimes but isn't an issue

  • Thank you, wishing you a good day too! :) Tulip xx

  • Chuffed to bits! Enjoy your day too :) Tulip xx

  • Yes epsom salts is just another form of magnesium. I know the physio swears by Epsom salts baths after a long run when she is aching. She told me not to buy any of the expensive crystals which say added Magnesium but to buy the normal Epsom salts stuff that you can get in bulk from people like Amazon as it works just as well at a fraction fot he cost so I've now bought a big bag of it.

  • I get a 2kilo bag from chemist regularly, really helps. Only ever use pure epsom salts as you say also cheaper.

  • Thank you I have just ordered some on amazon ...

  • Tulip that is the most wonderful news as I know your legs and feet were giving you the most awful trouble, They say that it can happen quite quickly if you do have a magnesium deficiency and of course the skin absorbs it in and you don;t have to take it by mouth so less chance of side effects. You've made my day I am so glad I thought of it. Yippee!!!

    Yes I sometimes itch for no reason at all and just when I think it is going to send me screwy it stops. I can't find any connections like shower cream or lotion or food it seems to be just one of those things. If it was constant we could then start to eliminate one thing at a time to find the cause. I know in the past other people have mentioned it. Hopefully someone else will come up with the

  • I'm glad you thought of it too! :) Tulip xx

  • Great news! :) In the past, I had used the magnesium oil. It was a bit messy. I now use the spray and the lotion. The lotion is oil-free and unscented.

    I use topical magnesium in addition to tablets, as the topical intake was not enough for me when I had my magnesium levels tested through blood tests.

    I keep a balance of calcium and magnesium.

    As always, please discuss with your doctor(s).

    Glad the magnesium spray is helping you! :)


  • Such a relief. :) Tulip xx

  • Am trying some easy to put on patches that have Ginseng in them.

  • It says on the spray that you can use it in your mouth, for gum health. Has anyone tried that, and does it have any advantages?

  • That is good to read.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Hi,Tulip after reading your post I got myself some magnesium spray and things are looking good. I suffer a lot with pain in my legs and feet and also have constant pain in my back,my legs and feet a loads better regarding pain and my legs are not stiff any more I can't believe it after only four days, it's like a miracle. Thank you sharing this,I would never have known about it if hadn't been for you, I would recommend it to any one. My husband and I have just joined the gym,baby steps at first. Today was the first time so far so good, I'm not ready to run the marathon yet,hope to lose some weight .

  • Wow I'm so pleased for you. It's good stuff, my feet/legs are much better too. Keep up the good work! Tulip xx :)

  • Will do Tulip,thanks

  • Anyone know what this spray is called?

  • I get itches all the time that I don't where they are quite. What is this do you know . Xx

  • As far as I know, it's another symptom people with FMS often, but not always, share in common. Drives you insane doesn't it? Mine comes and goes. I have a great GP, but she cant explain it either. I hope you get some relief! Tulip xx

  • It is annoying I think it's maybe nerves . I'm suffering a bad flare at the moment , so I would trade a itch for this horrible . Hope you are ok .x

  • Sorry to hear it. I never know what I'm waking up to tomorrow. I hope you get good night rest, and feel better in the morning. When the itching gets bad at night, I use cold flannels to try to relieve the itch. The urge to scratch can get so strong but you know if you scratch you'll end up in a vicious cycle!

    Wish you well. Tulip XX

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