What a lovely day!

Hi All,

Had a lovely day today. Mum paid for a back and neck massage, which was really lovely. Then we went to go to a place where the fish clean your dead skin off your feet and as we were passing, we found a hairdressers that did feathers in the hair. So we landed up in there having my hair done with coloured rooster feathers in my hair. I wonder if the man on the mountain liked my new hair.

So i've had a good day and now i am tired and lol paying for it with my back LOL.

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  • Hi. Great that you've had a good day. I have too and am also paying for it now. My 2 nieces came to visit with a great niece and nephew. We watched the wild rabbits for a while then went out and along the harbour to a cafe for chocolate brownies and iced coffees. it is good to build some smiley day memories into our pain filled lives. xx

  • hiya

    yes you are so true. My legs are in pain now instead lol love kerry x

  • I love being pampered Kerry, have had a few of those fish pedicures myself but they never last long enough!!. Its a shame you are suffering with your back now cos it sounds like you should feel like a new woman!. Take care, love Angela xx

  • hi all,

    yes it was nice to be pampered. I have had a good day. I am glad for that. love kerry x

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