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up this fine morning !

got up this morning and nothing seems to whant to work eg: eyes , brain ,armes , legs , nothing

so hay today is going to be fun . taken meds so will get on the couch with my puppys and go back to sleep

and i think i will have a nice dream of me whith long flowing hair all my long nails

running throu the long grass trying to cach the nice big musile bound young man

and yes i now it should be the other way around but at my age no you man in his right mind would run after me . i am not saying i will cach him but i will have a blody good go . will let you all now later is i get him hahahah

soft hugs to everyone by for now kath

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Kath hope you have that dream and you get your man , I am the same nothing working but not giving in to it this demond will not win so Large have a good rest soft hugs )))) .Allan


Good for you Kath. Sweet dreams :)

kia xx


Thats good image therapy, Kath



Sue x x x


that made me smile if you catch him ask him if he has a brother lol :-P

only joking , hope you have lovely dreams hugs xx


Haha, thats really good Kath, I do hope you get what your heart desires and catch that ideal man of yours!!. Its so good to still have dreams and aspirations even though maybe some of them will never be achievable. You may get your man but whether you will get him by running through the long grass with flowing hair is another matter!.

Thank you for cheering us all up, take care, Angela xx


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