hi everyone,iv got letters/reports from orthopedic rhematology urologlical&xray report on hands in readyness for esa assesment on tuesday!iv got proof my spine op didnt work!so fingers x its not wasted on some dimwit who comes to assess me!dont know how long it takes,mine is at home,i will make sure her chair is hard &uncomfy,as thats how i will feel uncomfy!hugs to all x

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  • goog luckxx

  • thxs lally x

  • lol that made me laugh make sure her chair uncomfy ha ha have you got a big doggy you could sit in the corner to stare her out ???

    to be honest yours should be a for lorn conclusion that you get it after what you said lwish you luck love diddle x

  • we have a newfoundland he is 10stone i could get him to shake his drool over her!very tempting diddle!x

  • Good Luck to you lollypop on tuesday.

    Soft Hugs,

    Sue x x x x

  • thxs alot x

  • Good luck from me too. My GP has (hopefully) sent off a fax saying I need a home assessment. Let me know how it goes and GOOD LUCK!

    Caroline xxx

  • thxs i will blog tues nite or weds am i will try to put as much to help everyone else x

  • Good Luck for your assessment lollypop ..... Gentle Hugs xxx

  • thxs its nice to have support&hugs xx

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