my memory is terribly bad i was driving home from my parents house and iv done it a thousands times this journey and i came off the first motorway on to the second motorway and didnt know where i was so i had to put sat nav on to bring me home 2nd instance i put my washer on and it has a mind of its own it only spins went it wants to so 5 attempts later it span so as you do you open the door only i opened the door to not having put washing liquid in in the first place SO frustrating ......................

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  • post it notes? lol. I use them.

  • lol lol iv tried that one but then forget where iv put them aswell .

  • i sufferr quite bad with short term memory now i have seen the doctor and he gave me a memory test and i now have to go into surgery tomorrow to have blood tests and go back to doctor next week and he may then refer me to hospital however there are so many things that can cause memory loss. Medication, Fibro, age and the list go,s on. I bet when you tell family or friends they have a little giggle however for you it will be annoying.

    hope you get through it - post it notes as mentioned above do help and my diary is my memory.

  • I tried going without my lists for a week and everything went mad ... Nothing got done when it was supposed to I nearly missed paying bills, I just happened to find them under a book.....

    My big book of lists is back by my side

    VG x

  • I av to right on the back of my hand coz I can see it , I forget were I've put a note or diary lol if its on my hand I can't miss it , anyway the sun is shining so gonna try n get some cleaning done x

  • My grandchildren were at my house on Saturday with their Mum. My daughter asked me to look after them the following day as she had to work and her husband was off somewhere.

    I shouted to the kids in the other room "you had better be good tomorrow else you'll be sitting out side on the door step". Then as an afterthought I said "and you'll be very uncomfortable because I haven't got a door step". My daughter could not stop laughing at me and said at what point did I remember not having a door step.

  • Try B12 jabs from your doc, they really work to clear memory fog. I put reminder alarms on my phone, works for me xx

  • It might be a good idea to find out if you need B12 injections first... Also if you have to use reminder alarms .. Didnt the B 12 jabs work.?

    Yours curiously

    VG x

  • i have done the same came of wrong junction on the motorway or forgot where i am not funny. the other night i went to bingo at the pub was waiting for one number it came out and i shouted MINE not BINGO lol my daughter was in stitches lol.xx

  • I rely on a REALLY BIG diary, which is difficult to lose. I write everything in it, and when I go out, I transfer to a smaller handbag diary anything I may need when I'm out. I write a note to myself every day NOT to forget to write in my handbag diary. Duh!

    It's strange, because if I am concentrating on something important, my brain seems to fire on all four cylinders - it's the little everyday things that I can't remember, like my own phone number. Even my address blanks out at times, especially when I have hailed a taxi to take me home - er yes, where is my home? So embarrassing! Oh, and I often put my purse in the fridge - talk about frozen assets :)

    Moffy x

  • Lol moffy ! I've started using a diary the mother in law gave me, working well for me.

  • The only thing my mother in law gives me is grief..... You are so lucky to get a diary :)

  • I so have a memory problem too.

    Keep giving shops different names, like morrissons supermarket I keep calling it

    Watsons. Just why I don't know!!

    I had the same problem when I was going through the menopause. But once I had got to

    The post menopause my memory came flooding back.

    Hoping I'll get passed it now with fibro.

    It's also kinda embarrassing when someone tells you something and seconds later, whoosh

    It's gone.

    There has got to be a way round this. Keep telling myself, right Bibi one thing at a time

    And one thing only.

    Working very hard on this one!!

  • My oh gets very annoyed when I tell him the same thing time after time, he has to take care of the bills and all my appointments, if I put reminders on my phone I still get it wrong, I've put in the wrong day, time and even year, how I managed that I still don't know , I can honestly say I would be totally lost without him, I'm managed to forget my address quite a number of times, my phone number to and my age, I keep forgetting my meds then I look at my pill holder and realise, good job I keep it close, I know that if he goes before me I know that's a very long time off but I will get put in a home for my own safety, ({}) :-) Sithy

  • I've taken the wrong exit on roundabouts close to my house and got completely lost. I have to he so careful getting out of my car. I have set places to park otherwise I never find my car again. I phoned my husband to ask if he was playing practical jokes from my local supermarket. I honestly thought he'd moved it .... I've also sat in waiting for my grandson to wake up......when he was at home with his mum !


  • it is very annoying aswell as very frustrating xx

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