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no luck with blue badge

Got a letter to say that my request for a blue badge has been turned down.

What with that and being asked to go for a benefits assessment it has finished me off.

What is so annoying is that the date they sent me the letter was the same one that I rang them and was told the process would take another two weeks, and it was suggested that I send a supporting letter - so my physio did me one to say my condition made it difficult to walk long distances and I was all set to send it off today. Also was down at my surgery yesterday and could have asked my GP for a letter.

My doctor is going to love me - I've put a call through to ask to speak to him and will see what he says.

I will phone the blue badge people again today and will try again but suspect I won't get anywhere.

I don't know what I will do if I don't get one. I hardly get out on my own anyway and on bad days it's a question of parking close by, going home, or hobbling along like a snail. And if hubby takes me out he has to drop me off first or gets fed up because I am trailing behind!


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aw sorry bout your badge but i would defcall them and say you have had a letter to back up yourcase and maybe you will get another chance at it i hope so sounds like you do need it love diddle x


oh dear what a pain for you, I agree with diddle you should ring them again and even get a new form and put all your supporting letters with the form. good luck

caroline hugs poppy xx


I think if you get your GP to support you, it will make a big difference.

It did for me - please try again - best of luck xx


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