Well its still raining down here in Wiltshire Just come back from the co-op usuall morning trip My Dad normaly come's out with me for a walk but the rain is to bad for him today still now he has his coffee and brandy and a nice iced bun i got for him along with his paper so he is happy now so i am now going to rest and drink my coffee :-) need to take a break head and neck not to good now army back inside it :-( soft hugs to all )))) Allan xx

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  • Hopefully the sun will come out soon, and we will all feel better!!! Here's hoping!! xxxx

  • Oh sounds lovely, coffe and iced bun!!

    Have a good day Allan and take care, love Angela xx

  • THX Angela my Dad loved it now reading his book I am resting after found his lunch :-) soft hugs.))) Allan xx

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