well that was close went to come out of my bedroom and leg got caught on my straighteners flex lucky for me the bed was there so soft landing lol at the same time i was sneezing so my eyes shut for few secs lol

oh well am i safe out in the world today MMMM well will let you know how i fair later now off so will be back soon with all the vicks and vapour rubs ic ican buy love diddle xxx

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  • i know what you mean diddle! ive had lurgy all week, sneezing coughing....its all good fun eh!

    I will watch the national news today with bated breath! take care xx

  • Mind how you go out there soooo !!many thing's to bump into Lol

    soft hugs ))) Allan x

  • Oh dear...if it wasn't so funny I would be more sympathetic..but you do make me laugh!!! Sorry!! Good luck with getting rid of the lurgy! xxxx :)

  • think i may be catching lol,lv fm me xx :)

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