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Hoping pain is neuralgia and not temporal arteritis

Hi all I'm lucky that I manage my fibro well and its rare for me to have flare ups. This week I am suffering the worst pain ever in my face. Went to gp on Wednesday and she said neuralgia and prescribed carbamazepine. I've had it before and it eased the pain on that occasion. But yesterday the pain had worsened to the point of making me extremely agitated and in tears. My hubby took me back to gp yesterday evening and she now thinks I might have temples arteritis. I have to have blood test done on Monday. And she prescribed diazepam to get me through the next week.thank God she did I'm off my head on all the meds but at least the pains in the background for now.I read up about the TA and I sincerely hope its not that it can cause blindness and I don't fancy steroids. So I'm hoping all fingers crossed that its neuralgia and the pain goes away and then its only thing fibro pain which I have embraced as being part of me and I know what I have to do to keep pain at a tolerable level

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Hi there topsy, I'm sorry you are having such a rough time at the moment. Neuralgia is no fun at all, I get it occasionally so you have my full sympathy.

My dear Mother suffered with temporal arteritis and started off being prescribed carbamizole and then went on to have steroids which sorted the problem out and she certainly didn't go blind, hold on to the positive and I'm sure medications have improved since Mummy had it, which was about 25 years ago.

Sending you lots of positive healing vibes :-)

Foggy x


Hi Topsy,

I've had Trigeminal Neuralgia in my face, and its the worst pain ever, so I'm sorry to hear you are going through it, even if it may be from a different diagnosis. Try to be positive, and take a day at a time.

Hope you feel better soon.

GJ. xx


Hi Gerry Jay how long was you in pain with the neuralgia


When the pain started, I went to my Dr. and he explained that he was going to put me on Gabapentin at a low dose and gradually increase it until the pain was helped, and then continue taking it for 4wks, then gradually come off it and see if the pain had gone, and it had. All in all, the pain began to ease within about 5days, gradually getting better, and it was gone completely by about 2wks.

I must point out that I had this before I was diagnosed with Fibro (2yrs ago) therefore I wasn't on any other pain meds.

Hope this helps.

GJ. Xx


Did your Mother have to stay on the steroids for long term? I read that blindness is a complication of this condition...


Hi topsy4758

I am so sorry to hear that you are having such a terrible time at the moment. I have steroids (prednisolone) on a regular basis for a separate complaint. They have never given me any problems apart from the odd case of heartburn. I hope that you can get sorted out as soon as possible and that the outcome is a good one for you.

You take care

Ken (the author) x


I, too, am concerned about that. How can they diagnose this with a blood test? I never thought I would be praying for trigeminal neuralgia ... But given the two options...I guess I am. Hoping your condition improves so that you are comfortable. I have just learned that overhead and floor fans may be the culprit so I am eliminating that today.


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