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Ear pain and throbbing head


Hi wonder if someone can help, I have had a really bad on and off pain in my ear left temple and in my neck for over a week now, went o doctor but she said there is no infection there and has prescribed pain killers, is this linked to fibro do you think, does anyone lose suffer fom this? Thanks x

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have the painkillers helped? what did she think it was?

did she check your sinus's.

I had a virus recently that affected my ear.


Well my pain started in my left eye and spread to the left side of my face, nothing else was visible, I also developed tinnitus, it remains the pain that is most persistent, it was diagnosed in the end as myofascial pain syndrome and I use trigger point massage, which I cannot recommend highly enough as it gets rid of most of my face pain. I did have an MRI of my brain and it did show that I have chronic sinusitis but I don't think that is the cause of my pain, I think it is the MPS. The book I use is the Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Clare Davies.

Hi have you had your ESR taken lately. if so how high was it.


Hi LucyKris,

If this pain becomes persistent or very severe, it's possible that you may have a condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia.

This has several specific treatments, so don't be afraid to go back to your GP if your pain worsens.

Hopefully it will just be one of those unpleasant pains you get with fibro, and it will go away on its own - best wishes for a speedy improvement!

Moffy x

Hi, thanks for all,your responses, pain still the same, I am having my esr checked and doctor prescribed amitripyline? She said it could be trigeminal neuralgia, although not sure, don't think it is mayo fascial syndrome, once you start looking into it you release how many nasty conditions are out there though :( oh well guess bed to soldier on with it all!

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