FM awareness wristbands

Hi all

Re an earlier blog about these. FMA uk has a shop. the bands are £1.85 each .minimum order value £3. Eta delivery 3-7 days - so will be with you in time for may 12th!!

You have to pay via paypal.

Mine are ordered - i didnt mind having to buy two cos you just know ill lose / forget one!!


Have a great day! xx

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  • I've gone to the website, Thx, but am I been a twit but I cant put them in my basket even though I'm clicking on it ??

  • thanks ever so much for that love didddle x

  • Hi diddle, if you buy the wristbands can you send me a msg, I've tried but it's not letting me ???

  • Ah, went to the website via google instead of the link above ... Finally did it, boy that was hard work :-)

  • hi bluebunny tried to buy them with the details i used to open account keeps saying nwrong password and name lol have tried it all wayd s im know they are the right names as i got them written down lol love to you diddle x ps will try again in bit getting wound up lol will throw laptop across the room in a min lol ( not really )

  • I managed it in the end, if you need a hand give me a shout :-) xx

  • dont know diddle! did you activate your account once youve registered? they send you a link via email, you then click on it and it should be ok. i didnt have any other probs?? Do you have fibro perchance....hee hee!! LOL xx

  • I have been having a funny time looking at various site and found some lovely purple bands on a USA website, then the fibro fog cleared for a moment and I realised.................. they are yellow in the UK...... why the difference??????

    Doh !!!!!


  • because they can?!?! xx

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