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How is May Awareness Going?

May is our Fibromyalgia awareness month.

As you read this we are over half way through this very important time for us to help others know more or even some of our condition.

What have/can you do?

Well the obvious is

get your local chemist to accept a flyer or a number if they have info leaflets holders.

Obvious wear the wrist band/ribbon daily and mention to all and sundry why you have emblem.

Last get active on social media the tweets the Facebook etc.

Last.....have you got local radio request programme? Ask for a request for your Fibromyalgia friends by name or if community radio get a quick mention by ringing them up!

If you access fmauk.org shop you can even yet buy a T shirt and wear it!

What can you do to raise the profile of your condition?

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I live in US not sure that we have observance ...sure we don't or I would have heard. I'm going to start by ordering a T-shirt today if I can get it shipped to me in the US.Thanks for the info. Peck

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Hi Peck,

Yes, FMA UK can ship to the USA, there will just be a surcharge to cover the additional postage. Hazel x


I went in and created an act just haven't decided what to get...probably a t-shirt.Thanks for the info.Peck🐤


Hi skit

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today?

I have been in deep and meaningful conversation with district nurses, care teams and OT's etc. So I hope that I am making an (good) impression? I also have my Twitter account whereby I currently have 665 personal followers (some are groups with multiple members so the number is higher), and an extra hunky photo of me in my Fibro tee-shirt!

I sincerely want to wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Ken, I will make a donation for a peek at that "extra hunky photo" of you in your FM t-shirt lol (I will make donation for real) your friend, Peck🐤

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I will see what I can do my friend! :)


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