does anybody else suffer with swallowing problems,i have to be careful what i eat and how much i put in my mouth as quite often my throat spasms and causing a choking coughing fit if you know what i mean.Also i sometimes feel as if i cant swallow properly and have to fill my mouth with spittle or drink water to do so.i would appreciate any answers with this problem.

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  • omg! i really thought i was the only one with this! i quite often just forget to swollow when i have food in my mouth my brain just doesnt let me so i quite often have to take it out of my mouth it is quite upsetting ,another thing that happens is il wake up choking its usually when im really tierd .

  • this is a common fibromyalgia symptom. I find the best solution is to monitor the size of your mouthful, eat slower with smaller bites that way when you are struggling to swallow there is not so much on your mouth to fight with. same with drinks small sips are less troublesome than gulps...

  • I tend to get it if I'm eating bread or anything stodgy, feel like its stuck in my throat. I don't really get the choking though. My husband gets it to and he hasn't got fibro so not sure if its def connected with fibro, Im 49 so I thought it may be age related, but I dont no how old you all are?


  • Ive had this problem for about 15yrs, never knew it was a fibro symptom, my throat goes into spasm and I just cant swallow even choke on my spittle

  • I do too!!!! Didn't think it could be an FM thing! Just out of the blue I will start to choke when I go to swallow spittle or sometimes when I raise my voice to a differnet level,i.e. shout at the children!!! I end up choking and crying and trying to get me breath and haven't had a morsal of food pass my lips!!

  • i have suffered for years with this but like lallyi never knew it was a fibro symptom i once went to a and e cause i felt like my throat was closing and they told me it was because i had ibs now im thinking differently x

  • IBS as in Irritable Bowel? Cos I have that too. How did A & E link the 2 problems? I have had IBS for over 50 years, but the choking thing only really noticable in the last 10/12 or so.

  • My dad has just been through a whole load of tests for the same thing ( he's 75 ) after almost choking a couple of months ago to the point where his wife called an ambulance so I can imagine how frightening this must be . He's now absolutely terrified to eat , drink or cough and he is losing his voice because his throat is so sore.

    All the tests have found nothing except polyps in his gut so they keep telling him it's a problem with stomach acid or gastric reflux.

    He's now pressing them for a scan of his neck as he says it feels like his throat closes up and is going to ask his GP for a muscle relaxant and something for the anxiety it's causing him as he rightly says panicking when it happens makes it worse.

    So no answers for you I'm afraid , but if you find one please let me know so I can pass it on to my dad :(



  • My mum is same and doctors diagnosed her with Barrett Syndrome. Now she takes tablets to reduce stomach acid and so gastric reflux. She still cant eat much and 'gags' on her meals

  • Thanks Lindz , I've told dad to ask his specialist about this when he sees him next week .

    I'm really worried about him because he seems scared to eat anything and is losing weight :( .


  • I've suffered with this for years and had no idea it was a fibro symptom, I thought it was just me, I choke on food, drink and even my own spit! Its really scarey when it happens, I feel like I've got something stuck in my throat like the size of a large marble, I told my doctor about this last year and he thought it could be something to do with anxiety but I don't agree, it can happen at anytime day or night, I can be fast asleep and wake up choking on my spit and can't get my breath, unfortunately I don't have an answer to this problem, I only wish I did as it scares the life out of me and my partner :(

    Irene x

  • Same here! but again didnt relate it to the fibro until now, it scares me too! x

  • Yes Im the same to . It just seams every time I have something it always ends up being to do with Fibro xx

  • because of that it is important if you are experiencing symptoms that worry you, to ensure your Dr carries out tests. Better to be sure than resign yourself to "its the fibro"


  • How do I make my Dr give me tests? I told him about it and he just says its anxiety, I've told him it worries me but he doesnt do anything about it.

    Irene x

  • You need to go in with confidence. If you can get on an Expert Patients Programme it will help you. However briefly:

    You are the ONLY person that knows your body.

    You have the right to request tests if something is concerning you.

    You have the right to seek a second opinion or find a different Dr if you feel you are with the wrong person for you.

    one of the easiest ways is to go to your Dr with knowledge.... investigate your symptoms.... especially if it something that worries you..... explain to your dr that you are concerned about XYZ and you would like him to investigate it for YOUR PEACE OF MIND if that is still met with resistance then CHANGE GP. Ask around in your area for a good GP. Try to find people with fibro locally and find a GP that has a good track record with the condition.

    As for the swallowing problem, it is very common with Fibro and the more that you worry about it the worse it will be.

    Good luck Irene.

  • take someone that as been round u and watching u go through this as it help as they can tell the docter how u have been to , i took my sister , i was crying but it got them moving there fingers to getting u to someone that knows about it honey good lucky ellen xx

  • my god i thought i was the only one,, great post, i stuggle sometimes even drinking liquid.. horrible others here have that prob but sorry i am glad its not just me, thought it was something serious.. i get pain in my heart.. does anyone else get that xxx

  • yes I get it a couple of times a week, It feels like its in my heart and when I breathe in it gets stronger, I've had this for many years and think its either trapped wind or muscle pain in that area, it used to scare me quite alot but im used to it now.

    Irene x

  • Same here with heart pain. Dr. diognosed reflux which is another diognostic test for FM as the consultant was quite interested that I had been diognosed with this. At one point thought I really was having a heart attack as pain going down one arm. At least managed to get 'immediate Dr's apt.rather than one 12 days time!!

  • And I thought it was just me!!

    I frequently choke on my own spittle, then I have racking sneezes along with the choking. I don't choke on food swallowing so much, but will often choke as, for a split second, a bit of food it feels it's going down the wrong way.

    It has everyone else crying with laughter as the same reaction always follows a surprised laugh on my part too, they don't know that I'm momentarilly terrified I won't get my breath back!

  • Forgot to add that my chest hurts like billiyo after!

  • haha, i know exactly what you mean, a choking fit often triggers a sneezing fit and i have to swallow to get my breath and try to stop the sneezing, its quite scarey. x

  • Loll I had this really badly last year, and my Gp said she would refer me if the problem continued, but the problem seemed to stop and now I get it but not all of the time. x x x x

  • I have swallowing problems most days when I first get up. I didn't for the first couple of years after diagnosis, but for the last year or so it's become very evident. I drink Complan first thing in the morning as breakfast cereals are like swallowing dry bran, it just won't go down! As the day progresses the swallowing gets easier. I make all my meals smaller, have smaller mouthfuls and always drink which I didn't do before during mealtimes. I also have to have a glass of water beside my bed as I wake up several times with a dry mouth and throat, so a few sips help. I find some days worse than others, but have got used to it now. :) :)

  • Thank to all of you for repling to my post i feel much better now i know its not just me who suffers with this,although i dont wish this on any of you,

    Hope your all ok with your pain and the horrid fm,thanx once again.

  • I have fibromyalgia and thought my swallowing problems were due to that. It turns out I also have Sjogrens syndrome and this is what is causing it. Sorry to hear that you are having problems but it may be worth checking out Sjogrens syndrome God bless from beloved

  • after chocking on my dinner a few weeks ago, i said to my daughter, " whats wrong with me i'm always bloody chocking lately! " strange, but relieved it seems to be another symptom of fm.

  • this has made me feel quite happy well if thats the right word!! to know its not all in my head! ive had this for years i can be eating as i said and all of a sudden i dont remember how to swollow! quite alarming and ive woken up choking in my sleep for years too ! i was told its just a relaxed throat! funny that!! now i know! thanks ladies! hugs for the day :) x

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