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problems swallowing

well I went for a barium swallow at the hospital yesterday as I keep getting food and sometimes drink stuck in my throat and then have to cough it back up. apparently I have a condition called dysmotility of the oesophagus. I should sleep propped up in bed and not eat if lying down. I am now waiting to go back to consultant to discuss treatment. Does anyone on here suffer with this problem and if so what treatment have you had ?

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hi there ive had this problem for ages i was supposed to go for the barium too but was too scared:( the worst is when your eating and all of a sudden you just cant remember how to swollow i just have kind of learnt to deal with it x


awe no, you should get it checked out - I sometimes think I am choking till I can cough the food up that is lodged in my throad x



I have a very similar thing happen when I eat. I sometimes feel as though I am going to choke on my food. I also get very bad acid reflux where food comes back into my mouth after I've eaten. I had a gastrocopy and they found I have a hernia. I'm waiting to go back and see the Consultant.

As yet I haven't been given any advice on how to cope with it. Just try to manage as best I can like fairytails x


when I had the swallow done the guy who did it told me not to lie flat hope you get a appointment soon, when did you have your gastroscopy ? x


Hi there

Had my gastroscopy done about 6 weeks ago. They were supposed to put me out for it, but didn't give me enough medication to knock me out. An elderly lady was rushed in almost before I left the room (quite rightly so as I was not an emergency) but it meant that I only got to see the Consultant for about 2 mins! To be honest my back is a real concern for me at the moment as I've been in agony for about 4 weeks. I'm in the middle of changing GP just to complicate things further. I've been so preoccupied with my back I've put the heartburn/indigestion to the back of my mind.

I do feel as though I've got a golf ball in my throat all the time which is worrying me quite a bit.

Sorry! I bet you wish you hadn't asked now!

I hope you get sorted very soon. Please let me know how you get on xx


will update you and I also hope you get sorted out soon x


My Dr put me on Pantoprazole Gastro-resistant 40mg Tabs after I went for the Barium meal thingy. Discusting taste, and all I wanted to do was throw up. These tablets have helped. I still feel that there's something stuck down my throat, but as long as I have something to drink while I'm eating, the food goes down better.

Hope this helps


Hi bbstport

I was wondering if you get any sort of acid pain or tightening / breathing issues with it? If not, sorry I have got nothing to add that might help you. However, if you do, then I suggest you ask your doctor about GORD ( gastro-oesophageal reflux disease). According to the NHS Choices website it is a common disorder. Take a look for yourself.

I hope that this is useful to you.

Take care

Ken (the author) x


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