Does anyone else have intermittent swallowing trouble. I get a feeling like I have a swollen throat like I've swallowed snooker balls! My GP has ruled out anaphylaxis and I have no trouble with breathing but it feels a bit worrisome! I do have anxiety and GP attributed it to this but I'm not so sure.

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  • dont worry if you look back at posts i think its a fibro thing i wake up often choking in the night and also have swollowing problems sometimes it is very scarey but honestly a lot of us suffer with it keep calm sweetie xxx

  • Aw thank you! So glad I'm not just being a plank! Xx

  • nope no planking!!lol! your being normal for this stupid fibro! have a lovely weekend x

  • And you :-) xx

  • I get this too, and it gets bad when I'm anxious. Maybe its both a fibro and anxiety thing. I remember years ago going to the gp convinced I had throat cancer lol. Hope it settles down for you xx

  • Hi Mrscats, i also get difficulty in swallowing...not everyday, it seems to happen for no apparent reason when i get it. I used to get a fright when it started & now i know its a fibro thing. Hope you don't get too worried now, take care Mary.

  • hello ive had fybro for 6 years and for the past year i have had bad swallowing problems for a while and i have had bad bouts of choking.My gp said he didnt think it was related to fybro so i went for some tests ie; camera down my throat and that revealed nothing so im still none the wiser. i hope you get some answers regarding your problem.

  • hi all fybro suffers have any of you gone off your food for any length of time when i started to choke it scared me so much now i only eat yoghurt or weetabix because it is soft food.Now i find that i dont fancy a meal no matter what it is partly because i am scared of choking and partly because i always feel full does anybody else have similar problems.

  • I get very faddy with food depending on my IBS, throat feeling, mood etc. I think it's all part of the condition. Xx

  • ye si ahve.i cannot always swallow my meds and end up choking onthem (esp larger capsules like paracetemol.i neve rfeel hungry and can only eat breakfast (which i choke on cereals )and a small dinner at lunch time.waht i cannot eat my dogs have.i cannot eat anythigjn else fro rest of day,(also cos i fear i have an ovarian cyst which none will recognise)i always feel full and believe3 htis is becasue teh cyst (if it is)is invading my stomach space.,

  • I thought it was just me with the swallowing!sometimes when iv chewed my food and I go to swallow it just doesn't want to go down,it feels really weird,I didn't know it was yet another fibro thing!..x

  • Yep! Sometimes I'm like....hmmm come on throat get with the programme and swallow my dinner I'm hungry lol

  • It happens to me too. It just comes on out of the blue. My voice goes funny to at times. Hope you all have a good weekend xx

  • Here are links to other discussions we have had on the subject of swallowing, please click on the links -






    Hope this helps and gives you more personal experiences on the subject. If you are at all worried about "swallowing" or related problems, please see your GP and discuss your symptoms to rule out other illnesses etc., and also to reassure you and ensure you are taking the right meds. :)

  • Thank you :-)

  • My pleasure Mrscats, happy to help! :) xx

  • Do any of you who have difficulty in swallowing also have TMJ (Tempromandibular Joint Dysfunction Syndrome)? If you have then it is a symptom of that - I've had TMJ for years but it is only in the last 12 months or so that the problem with swallowing has become more apparent and, on occasions, quite distressing.

    If you haven't been diagnosed, these are some of the other symptoms that may ring a bell: grinding or clenching teeth, earache, tinnitus, clicking in the jaw, sinus type headaches, sore eyes (inlcuding watering/sensitive to light/blurred vision kind of problems)

  • I remember having a weird rotating x-ray to check my jaw but it was so long ago that I can't remember what they said about it. But when I was younger I used to be able to click my jaw in and out of joint, sometimes I'd wake up and it would have dislocated in my sleep (painful). These days I have had most of my back teeth crowned because of the damage I've done grinding/breaking them. I also have the swallowing problems, sore sinus's, sore watering eyes, headaches etc - sigh.

  • Oh and sometimes my jaw muscles spasm when I yawn which is REALLY painful!

  • Yes same here Lima, recently diagnosed with TMJD which appears quite common with us fibros. Sometimes feels like somebodys tried to strangle me in the night and I an forever biting the inside of my cheek due to the swelling pushing the inside of my cheeks closed to my teeth. My shoulders and neck are really stiff and sore too. The pain clinic nurse I saw today said there is nothing they can suggest on top of my current pain meds, other than heat pads.

  • Yep, that all sounds like TMJ!

    I get botox every 3-4 months to lessen the severity of the spasms I get. My spasms are sometimes triggered by cold weather as instead of making my teeth chatter it sets my jaw off - this winter won't be much fun!

  • I grind my teeth a lot and have a clicky jaw but nothing that sounds as painful at you two! Yeouch!

  • OMG i always feel like my gullet is too big for my throat even when im not eating or drinking i put it down to snoring during my sleep i also sometimes let out a little grunt when im walking places as if my throat has relaxed and closed but then again sometimes when i eat i hiccup untill the food gets past a certain point then i stop ??? weird but glad i read these posts worth mentioning to my doc i think x

  • Cozreece

    In all the years I worked I had that hiccup which was very embarrasing in front of everyone plus I had to run to the loo (diverticular disease), also, so In the 8 years I worked I could only eat few dry crackers, sometimes an apple, or in the winter some plain soups some days, and a friend of mine always told me I should get it checked out (I had to wait till I came home to eat my dinner and I never lost a pound would you believe lol),so do ask the doctor, I guess its all connected too all of our symptoms, reading all of our posts, anyway take care best wishes Claire xx

  • omg i av this too x

  • hi,i too have this when im in bed its like a massive snore in my throat and its so dry i cant swollow,have you had your throid checked? i have and its underactive and that all symptoms above are thyroid related..worth a try as if you google thyroid problems all the side effects are the same as fybro! your thyroid regulates all major hormones,,xxxx

  • I sometimes get woken up in the night (if ive got to sleep that is!) and cant swallow and get really panicky, it seems to happen for no reason buti seem to get a lot of saliva (sorry) that i cant getrid of...gets really scarey. too scared of cameras down throat to mention it to GP tho. xx

  • I always wake up choking as soon as autumn is over especially, sorry to say after lots of tests it was told me that I have a hernia small as it is on my oesophagues (as it is going into my stomach leaving its door open?, lucky i'm a small eater and a vegetarian), I also have lots wrong with my thyroid (only discovered lately) and may have to have a thyroidectomy my doctor said just waiting for a call from the hospital, I actually always though it had something to do with my chronic asthma, well chronic enough anyway I take 3 inhalers all the time and nearly choke if I dont take them or do any exercise, oh rather my air pipe (!), nearly collapses, anyway hope yours turns out to be more simple I would ask the doctor to get it checked out if he could, just in case, best wishes Claire xxx

  • Something that has bothered me for a while now. But now I have a number of things that can cause it. Fibro, damaged tissues in throat from acid reflux and hiatus hernia and now COPD, so if I wake up choking I have to work out what is doing it lol. Quite a pain really, but you are not on your own. Plus I get a lot of muscle spasm and cramping, even in the neck area, sometimes the Quinine kick inl other times they don't. xxxxx

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