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Hi all.

I was looking on the web the other night about FMA suffers who have problems with leg spasms.

While I was looking I came across some information where some people who suffer with FMA also can have problems with swallowing...

Where you cough after eating and drinking, I have suffered with this for a long time and just thought it was me, and thought and wondered if anyone else has just problem??

I find when sometime when I'm eating I try and swallow something and find it extremely difficult to do so and I have ended up choking and unable to breath and find it very frightening at the time and I have to stop myself from panicking.

While being on my holiday which ends tomorrow :( when I am coughing I try to cough as little as possible but have been sick twice while coughing which isn't very nice. :(

I have read that when people have this problem that they find it easier to use a thickener in their drinks and some meals.

I would be grateful if someone could help me out :)


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i too have suffered with swallowing and food being stuck in my throat and then panic and have to cough t he food back from my throat. i have found that it is making me not want to eat certain foods now, i reported this to my GP and she referred me to the hospital as food being stuck in your throat etc is not very good. I had to go for a gastoscopy last friday and i am waiting for the next step from the consultant - they did take biopsys while they were doing the gastroscopy, If it continues please goto your GP and they will do tests and then maybe transfer you to the hospital. Hope this helps.


Belinda x


Morning - I have a similar problem but I'm not sick, thank goodness / it feels like I've got a huge lump in my throat and I can actually feel it rising and blocking my airways :-(

It's not there all the time, so I know it's not an actual lump - it's an awful sensation :-(

I think the thickener your referring to could be gaviscon powder - I had to use it in my sons bottles when he was a baby because he had a "reflux" in his throat - thankfully, he grew out of it :-

I hope this helps and you enjoy the rest of your holiday :/)


hello Bearess

im the same tho not sick.i have a lump in my neck below my jaw which my dr said it sbeen there from birth ??this mornign it seems to have shifted to the left a bit and is very sore to touch.


I'm having problems with this at the mo too. Well it's been going on for over a month. Feels like I have food stuck in my throat but it's a build up of catarrh(not nice sorry) and I can't get rid of it no matter what I do. I also end up with heartburn. It really is horrid and sometimes it causes a panic attack as I guess ur body thinks your choking. Am talking to my doctor about it on Tuesday as I really need help,so glad I've seen it written about on here.


Hi, could you let me know how you get on please, as I am going to speak to my GP about it.



My mother used to suffer from it. She explained it as forgetting how to swallow. That's how she felt. She does get it occassionally but usually only when feeling very under par and tired. Not sure a reason for it was ever found.

I almost always feel like I have a lump in my throat. I am forever coughing up phlegm and clearing my throat. The docs have done a number of tests and sometimes they find an infection in the phlegm. My chest has been xrayed too many times and is always clear. Thankfully not forgotten how to swallow as yet.

Hope they find why it's happening!



It's sort of the same for me.

But it's as if I swallow and the food stays in the same place and doesn't move. I spoke to my doctor and he wanted me to give him a phlegm sample but I physically cann't as it makes me gag and throw up.



Hi ladytelita I can totally relate to your mums description of forgetting how to swallow. I have had this for years and find it really stressful when it happens. Would love to know if anyone has ever found an explanation for this symptom . jaks x x x x


I've had the same sort of problems too. I have been diagnosed as having asthma, so my gp said to just use my inhaler more to bring up the phlegm. I've just finished yet another course of antibiotics & steroids to clear up what the gp said was a chest infection, & have had chest x rays that have come up clear. Have an appointment at gastro outpatients at the hospital on Tues, as I have bad acid reflux & swallowing probs. Hope you feel reassured that you're not on your own with this, Susan20067389, it seems to be quite a common condition. I'm sure if you see your gp, he'll be able to sort something out for you.

Good Luck,

Julie xxx


Hi I have problems with acid reflux but just thought it was cause of the medication.

I will speak to him when I get back.

I'm flying home tonight, sort of dont want to go home but I have to the heat is great as I can walk further and longer compared to home. So Monday I'm at the physio and going to ask for a wheelchair assessment. Do you know of anyone with FMA, who use a self-propelled wheelchair as that is what I am after.. Only problem I have is trying to convince them I don't need/WANT an electric one. Xx


I had to have. Bariameal (not sure if that's spelt right) because those sort of things were happening to me, they whilst they were watching go down th muscle in my throat kept going into spasms,when I have endoscopy( which is very two years now ) thy have to giv. Extra sedation, to help the muscle, ...Dee x


me too - doc referred for the procedure where they put camera down for look-see (under anaesthetic!) and found sliding hernia. I wasn't totally convinced but it tallied with stress and stuff. Then I had neck spine and stellate ganglion blocks and the 'lump' disappeared... so hope you get some positive answers :) x



I'm now back from my holiday and and suffering from swollen feet, it's really bad and painful cant hardly walk. But I'm off to the physio today.


Hi I have had horrendous swallowing probs for about five years and it has been diagnosed with barium meal as uncoordinated spasm in oesophagus. If a powder or any substance hits my throat eg flour on bread or spices this will give me a coughing fit. Sometimes I'm close to choking. I am unable to be sick as I've had a fundopplication operation

. I have difficulty with many foods and people laugh when I say I can't eat beans or grapes as the skin stays in my throat. My tablets often come back up or stick in my throat. My dry sluggish throat is attributed to my widespread fibromyalgia. Hope this helps it prob would be best to get It checked out. Good luck x


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