new glasses

ok i have light issues some shopes and sun lights that are to bright or any sun make me look like a mole all squinty and half odd .. so i finally got round to going to the options ( i have to pay )

i spent over an hours and half with people looking blowing air shinning lights in my eyes to be told yes i need glasses

this should not be painful but as you may no what should not be for normal people is not always the same so my eyes watered and blinked and i felt sick ( yes i did mention FMS and my eye prob straight away )

so i asked what type as really i have issues around light so then it took them another 30 min to chat and discuss what type so i ended up with 2 out door and indoor light glasses ...

so now i am not convinced that this will help but i am £170 worse off ... so is it worth it ? i do hope so ..

sorry to complain xx gentle dyslexic hugs

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  • bless you it will prob be tommorrow that you you will feel wore hope you get ne wglasses love diddle x

  • i hope not ... xx

  • I just got a great deal at specsavers. got a pair of vari-focals, but once I got used to them I was light sensitive so had the lenses treated to react to light, and they are brill

  • that sounds cool glad they work for you xx I have tryed react light but they didnt work in doors i struggle there too xx gentle dyslexic hugs

  • Hope it is worth it Lexie after you spending all that time and money today!!. Got an eye check coming up later this year and I am expecting my prescription to be changed so will end up forking out a fortune for new glasses too I expect.

    Keep smiling, love Angela xx

  • Hi, Iv had problems with light for years and have my glasses tinted and they really help. What I can't work out is why you were in the options so long and have been given more than 1 pair. I need glasses for reading and distances so I now wear varie vocals that have a tint all the time.

    hope you get on ok with your glasses and if not go back for them to be sorted

    Take care from Yvonne

  • I am suffering today .. even though i spent ages telling them and they told me lights and air would never hurt they have no clue xx boo hoo gentle dyslexic hugs

  • I got my vary focals and tinted last week as well. And its great no more squinting in daylight and I can see better!

  • I too have problems with my eyes. My eyesight has kept changing very rapidly over the last 5 years. Mine water in daylight and also are very sore and scratchy.(Dry eye syndrom) My main problem is, if I wear glasses, the slight pressure on my nose gives me balck eyes and sometimes actual bruising underneath. I look like a panda. I do wear contact lenses too, but when my eyes are really bad, like this week, my lenses feel like I have permenant grit in my eyes and I lose clear vision in one eye in particular. Not too cleaver when driving along and the sight suddenly goes all blurry!!! Don't know what the answer is, but don't think special glasses for indoor and outdoor use will really help. If anyone knows different, would really like to know. Also was told by opticians that I should put in eye drops up to 4 times a day, but it doesn't matter what ones I use, it doesn't seem to make the problem with the sticky, itching blearing go away. Best wishes Sue.

  • hi suejayjay sorry to hear you suffer with your eyes too x i did tell them all my symptoms so that they might understand but no such luck ever gentle dyslexic hugs

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