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has anyone heard of this, it has headphones and a special pair of glasses that contain small led lights. through the headphones you hear special tones and pulses, binaural and isochronic, leading the brain into a more relaxed state, the glasses start to flash at the same frequency as the audio tones, your eyes are shut, and there's also a small hand held machine to pick programme, eg meditation, relaxation, stimulation, its meant to help sleep, anyone know of this or have got one, xx

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Hi dillydally1 mmm, sounds interesting as I have sleepless nighs regulalry. Have googled it but no luck up to now.

Will keep you posted if I find out.

zzzzzzzz, oh sorry, nearly nodded off then!


Reply they sound expensive, if I knew they really worked I would invest straight away, but a lot of money if they don't, xx


Yes some time on a Pain Support site certain members had the chance to use a machine (I forget the correct name of the company who produced it) for free and feed back their experiences. Some people found it extremely relaxing and helped them forget the pain whilst they had it on and they felt better for some time later and others didn't seem to elicit any benefit from it but of course we are all individuals and respond to things differently. If you are thinking of buying make sure you can send it back if you don't get a good response as I believe they are quite expensive.

Good luck if you decide to try

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will let you know, will have to research more first, but thanks for feedback x


Was it on the TV last month with those men flying around the world in a solar power plane. They have to take short naps and were wearing something to facilitate that. Remember wondering if it worked and when it would available to the masses.


ive heard its been on the gadget show, but don't know when, seemingly was rated well with them x


Not heard of this but it sounds very interesting. Thank you so much for sharing.

All my hopes and dreams for you



yes it does, looking at price though approx. £220.00, money well spent if it works but a lot to lose if it doesn't. take care x


I agree with Ken, does sound very interesting, let us know hoe you get on if you do proceed. All the best


will do x


Hi, I haven't heard of these glasses. Though can say I listen to sleep meditations on YouTube which play a a variety of sleep medications that have special frequencies promoting deeper sleep and certainly help me drop off.



thanks, wishing you lots of good nights sleep x


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