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Night number 3

Night number 3 no sleep, went to work yesterday,

I think I was the patient, and not the nurse, I'm a

Bit confused. Asking the patients most strange questions

Can't seem to get the right words, I had to ask to leave

Early a few hours leave at least it's not sick

Here I am in the spare room, got cross as husband is

Making a noise tried the fingers. in the ribs it did not work

I took a sleeping tablet did that work NO.

Bored should I get a cup of tea, if I drink I will have

To have a wee.

Decided on the tea, so glad I did as brad pit is standing

In my kitchen, I must be really tired, what on earth would I

Do with brad pit, to young for me anyway knees are not good

My knees not his.

Going down to have a. Biscuit now and to see what brad is

Doing. What a lot of rubbish, but I really think he is in my

Kitchen, maybe I need a referral to mental health, or maybe

I should turn the light on..

Oh god I'm bored, can't read, turned the light off and just

Laid in bed with my eyes closed, maybe I'm asleep really

Opened one eye just to make sure, well that eye opened

So I am still awake.

My eyes look nice sort of red round the eye with black under

The eyes, face is very pale, makes me look sort of dead, not

Looking and more in the mirror it's not good

What now SLEEP. Please

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Hi Vivien 60 hope you managed to drop off. I had a weird night I dont think I slept it seemed every hour I was wide awake looking at the clock. I went for wee and back to bed not at all comfy too hot couldnt get cool but comfy very strange the people we see in the early hours not Brad but there was a gorgeous chap in a kilt. No good to me he kept disappearing when I put my hand out to him. Oh well never mind I am up now. xgins


Ladies listen very carefully I eill offer this only once

Dp you want to borrow my baby rainbow dragons from my kitchen they are soo cute and fly round and round until you so dizzy and feeling drunk that you pass out please remember this is only a SHORT TERM LOAN petal


Yes please sounds good, willing to try anything, not brad pit

Or man in kilt, to tired for that, to many fat bits I would have

To hide, not to mention the big knickers


Hi Viv, did you get any sleep in the end? I'm back in from tomorrow, so if I see you I hope we'll both be able to talk sense between us! Lol



No sleep, no sense, sat on the sofa at home with one eye open watching


Hope you are well see you tomorrow


Hi viv I know this is probably something you have heard so many times so apologies in advance...but I have had fibro for 23 years and its only in the last 18 months I have sleep of 7 hours almost every night and it was changing my night antidepressant to one that suits 4 th one of trying.. I know its med induced sleep but I wake feeling so much better



Thank you I have read about the one you have said

You are on, I don't care what kind of sleep it is, less

Sleep more pain

My problem is I am already on cymbalta, so I should think

I would have to come off that first, can't go on like this I

Have benzos, but don't want to go down that road, so never

Used them.

I will talk to the GP I think. Thank you


I take the tramadol, co codamol and phenargan at night. Talk soon.


The trouble with that is you can't take phenargan and cymbalta

Or night nurse with cymbalta, so don't want to do that in case

It makes me more loopy than I am already


Hi your comments fit all of us. I had a little chuckle but I know it is not funny especially as you have to go to work and do a very responsible job and cant make a mistake. At least when I am up all night I can lay in in the morning. Although I do feel guilty and think my life is just flittering away. Never mind we have to put up with as no amount of pills really work. There are a couple of things I do and sometimes they work and sometimes they dont. First the mantra "Positive thinking brings me the benefits I seek" just keep repeating it in your head over and over again. Try not to let other thoughts into your head. The other one is "breathe in counting one and breathe out counting two. It can be your nose or your mouth whichever you feel comfortable with. Again you have to try and not think about anything else. If all else fails get out of bed with a warm blanket and sit in a comfy chair. A recliner is great. Gone on a bit sorry.

Take care

Bye for now love A xx


Thank you, I have tried the breathing, but I will try

The rest tonight


I will definitely give it a go, thanks for that.


I know the feeling, desperate to sleep either can"t shut brain down for pain keeps me awake. Its so quite and lonely in small hours, when whole household is fast asleep! I"m on same meds as you re anti-depressants but find they don"t work for me either so given up on them!! Lost count of all meds I have tried to enduce sleep to no avail.

I put my i-pod on with meditations (mentra) as mention and find this a great help, Mike George is a particularly good one I"m usually in noddy land before I get to 3rd part (10 parts). You could download or another is simple medititation where breathing and relaxing of muscles, this is another one that works for me anyhow/

I"m like a baby can"t go to bed without them, don"t know if its pyschological, don"t partiularly care at least it does the trick for me, better than any "Sleeping tabs" I have tried!

Hope you have a more restful night tonight. I look like you my hubbie reckons to put me in the window to scare away burglers or I"m of use @ Halloween night!!

God bless, love BB X


That's interesting the medication going to look at that

Thank you off now to amazon


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