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down or sorry?

am i depressed or just feeling sorry for myself? im not getting very much sleep at all prob about 2-3hours a night even tho im taking amitriptyline .so i try to rest in the day and not go there either im tired but no also like all of us i guess in so much pain both from fybro and from past spinel fusions and coxcyx feeling just shattered and dont want to be bothered with anything or anyone is it just me ? i do try to keep positive but hell its hard sometimes .

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No Kaymyes, you are not alone with your feelings I guess to be honest there are some days, when I really really struggle and then another day I can be completley different such are the mysteries of our conditions.


Sue x x x


its not just you no sleep and pain would make anyone depressed ..please dont add to it by being to hard on your self .. alowe your sad day then tomorrow is a new one vent on here and remember your understood .. trip to the Doctor may be needed try think of something nice you can do even if its your special purfume and spray it on for you xx your amazing gentle dyslexic hugs

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You have to remember what we all go through so by all means feel sorry for yourself you are entitled.

I sleep during the day and night but never for more than 2 hrs at a time, some days i dont see anyone for days cos i have not got the energy,

But this is a good place to vent and i can say it is much better if you can.

As lexie said tomorrow is a new day.

hugs xx

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